What the fuck? (2012)

We live in a world that’s entirely disconnected from one another. We use social networking sites ironically. We bond, through bondage. We forge our chains in life and wear them to the grave.

We give thanks at Thanksgiving and celebrate goodwill towards man at Christmas, all ironically. For it is inherit to paylip service to ideals but not truly believe in them.

We all think we are right but couldn’t be more wrong.

We force our views on everyone in a need to control everything.

We judge collectively. We form tribes in everything we do. We are tribes within tribes within tribes within tribes. Sports to racism. It’s all tribalism at its worst.

We are greedy, narcissistic and contradictory.

We don’t have sex. We fuck. EVERYTHING.

All life is sacred. Some are more sacred than others.

We are selflessly selfish.

We are surrounded by others but always alone.

We have emotions but do not truly feel.

Greed and Empathy are lovers. For in order to do for others, we must first ask how I would feel.

We shun living as one but all ready do.

We look alike, talk alike, dress alike and think alike. Will the real humanity please stand up?

We are collectively individuals.

We are logically illogical.

We fear indoctrination but indoctrinate everyday.

We don’t have kids. We have clones.

We don’t live. We just pass time till death.

You are not the problem. Everyone else is.

We grow up yet we don’t. We are the unevolved evolved.

We are everything and we are nothing.

This piece is everything it hates.






We are fine. You are not.

We are insanely sane. Uncomfortably comfortable. Unsymbioticly symbiotic. Patronizingly Patriotic. Condescendingly condescending. Openly Closed. Highly low and lowly high. Perfectly imperfect. We are upside down and inside out. We know nothing about everything and everything about nothing and we are spiritlessly spiritual.

I am he, as you are he, as you are me and we are all together. Everything is in interpretation.

Don’t panic. It’s just a ride.

Everything will be fine.

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