WWE Network (Review 2014)

WWE Network is a Netflix based video streaming service that is all about pro wrestling. If you were like me when you were younger, you might remember found memories of watching World Wrestling Entertainment with your father and Grandfather.

Want to relive Hulkamaina? How about reminisce about the glory days of Austin 3:16? Now you can with just a click of a button.

For 9.99 a month (Which is a steal in my mind.) you can watch everything from WWE, WCW and ECW from any device. I prefer watching on a television but I guess I’m just a tad bit old school.

Remember paying 29.99 for a PPV? The price on cable is now about $60.00. Over the course of 12 months, that is $720 dollars to watch them all. That, to a hardcore wrestling fanboy was just too absurd. I find even with just restricting myself to the Pay-per-views of my childhood, which would be Summer Slam, Wrestlemaina, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, King of the Ring. That’s five PPV events for 60.00 each now a days which would still run me 300 dollars a year. You factor that in with the fact anything other than basic cable will run you about 99 dollars or more and I’m paying $400 dollars a month to watch

Remember the old cigarette ads that would express to you how much you pay over the course of a lifetime to kill yourself? 6.00 A pack or so by a pack a week was about $25.00 a month. After a year of smoking you were close to $300 dollars in the hole.

In other words, you’re paying more money than it ends up being worth. WWE Network is a minimal six month investment that over the course of a year will save you money. If you took the savings and put them away, you could afford to purchase a new car within the next five to seven years.

When I was younger, I exclusively, for ill or naught, only watched WWE. That means I never got to watch WCW or ECW when they originally aired. I’ve recently caught myself engaged in watching a lot of ECW. ECW was a phenomena that we may never seen again. It was fresh, exciting and it had a lot of attitude and heart.

I’ve barley even scratched the surface of ECW. Not to mention the backlog of WCW that I’ll get to watch and with Sting currently working, at least as far as being in WWE 2k15, for WWE you’ll be able to introduce the kids to his classic volume of work.

For my money, the Network is a huge plus and I’m thankful that it finally was brought into existence. I recall rumors years ago, when I was a teenager that such would be available soon but like the rumors that often swirl about the ongoing of the WWE, they cannot always be taken as truth. For over a decade I waited in hopes for such and it’s more than surpassed my expectations. If you’re going to invest in on service this year, make it the WWE Network.
****out of*****

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