WWE Fan-Made Commentary

Here is something I tried back in 2014 and only did one of, but never posted it. I decieded to give it another go. Here is Jeff Hardy Vs Undertaker 2002, in Manchester, NH. Set the above video to 12… Read More ›


The cover for a new non-fiction science hypothesis by myself. Pre-order now, for an Oct. 31st release date!

Ghostbusters and subtext

     Is Ghostbusters really about “nothing”? In other words, does it lack subtext which ultimately makes it about more than three academic outcast busting ghost? I think there is an answer and it’s quite simple, it’s also why the original film… Read More ›

WWE Network (Review 2014)

WWE Network is a Netflix based video streaming service that is all about pro wrestling. If you were like me when you were younger, you might remember found memories of watching World Wrestling Entertainment with your father and Grandfather.

Degrassi: The NXT Generation.

      I never shy away from expressing a love for things that I greatly enjoy and for the last 26 years of my life, one of the many things I have enjoyed greatly is professional wrestling.      When I was younger,… Read More ›