Tobacco: Escudo!

Type: Virgina/Perique (Va/Per)

Cut: Spun Coins

Prelight Smell: Fantastic tobacco smell.

Type of Pipe: I stuffed two coins into my relatively new Peterson System Pipe and use a Zippo brand pipe lighter, since I ran out of matches. This is my second time trying this, and I can say, the Zippo doesn’t effect the taste.

Taste: Has a typical Virginia taste to it. Which is to say, grassy, and sweet. Hay type taste on occasion. The perique is there, although, doesn’t seem pronounced at all, occasionally, you’ll see it rear its head, but it stays to the background. At least, from what I can tell. It gives the blend a slight spice. The smoke tends to be light and wispy, not very bold, like most Va and Va/Per blends.

Bite: None that I got.

Aftertaste: Leaves my pallet a tad bit dry, but overall, no ill after taste.

Room Note: Light, pleasant smell. Should not bother anyone.

Nicotine: This stuff can, and will kick your ass. So, smoke it slowly or having something sugary to drink with it, maybe eat before hand, even.

Conclusion: This isn’t a bad tobacco. It isn’t necessarily for me, but I couldn’t know that if I never took her out, so it was fun.

I say everyone should give it a go, if you can find it and it hasn’t been horded away by the Escudo lovers. Va and Va/Per lovers should find this another well done blend, where as smokers of other tobaccos should enjoy it as a diversion from there normal blend, and may even end up loving it, or not.

Final Rating: 3 outta 5 Stars.

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