Carter Hall

Carter Hall is one of the “Codger Burley” types as they are called, which is one of the many older blends that has been around for years and is still enjoyed by many and I can see why.

look: Normal cut.

Taste: This is a sweet and toasty burley. Very good for “cheap” tobacco. If smoked too fast, it can produce the burley bitters, but sipped, and it is very good.

Aftertaste: Nice burley aftertaste. Pleasant on the tongue.

Room note: Leaves a nice, pleasant smell to the room. Most people should like the smell.

Bite: None that I got, but I’m sure if you smoked this like a chimney, you would get bitten.

Overall: Solid and excellent “cougar” blend. It is worth a shot, for the experienced and beginner pipe smoker, alike.

3 out of 5 stars.

This one will be around for even more years to come.

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