G.L. Pease Fillmore

Type: Va/Per

Cut: Broken Flake

Pre-light smell: earthy, rasiany. different from other va/pers.

Type of pipe: My Peterson System pipe for my Va/pers

Taste: Bold, robust flavor. Smooth and creamy, with some tangy and spicy notes. Occasionally sweet and smokey. Sounds more like I am reviewing a cigar than pipe tobacco and as full as this tobacco is, a cigar would be a pretty close comparison.

Excellent stuff!

Bite: I didn’t get any, but again, as with all Va’s I caution you to smoke slow, anyways.

Aftertaste: dry, slightly sweet taste.

Room note: Pleasant to tolerable.

Nicotine: Didn’t hit me, yet. It might pack a punch, I haven’t noticed as of yet.

Conclusion: Fantastic tobacco which would be enjoyed by anyone who likes va/pers, or a full smoke. as a note, this contains a very small amount of Latakia to it, but it isn’t dominating like in an English blend. It is barley noticeable. Well worth looking into.

5 outta 5 star

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