St. James Flake

St. James Flake

Type: Virgina/Perique (Va/Per)

Cut: Flake

Smells rasinay and looks good.

Type of Pipe: My Peterson System Pipe.

Taste: Has a typical Virginia taste to it. Which is to say, grassy, and sweet. Hay type taste on occasion. The perique is there, giving it a nice tangy, fruity taste. It is well rounded and bold.

Bite: None that I got.

Aftertaste: Leaves my pallet a tad bit dry, but overall, no ill after taste.

Room Note: Light, pleasant smell. Should not bother anyone.

Nicotine:Not much that I got.

Conclusion: Pretty damn good. Bolder than Escudo, I think. Less nicotine punch. Very good, well rounded vaper.

Final Rating: 3 outta 5 Stars.

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