Jenuwine HH

Cigar: Jenuwine HH
Cut Width: N/A
Cut Length: N/A
Ingredients: N/A

Evaluated Aspects scale of 0-6 (by twos – 0-2-4-6):
Appearance (tobacco): 6
Condition (humidity level): 6
Smell: 6
Lighting (easy to difficult): 4
Taste: 4
Room Note/Aroma: 4
Consistency of taste: 4
Combustion: 6
Humidity during smoke: 6
Tongue irritations: 6
Throat irritation: 6
Satisfaction of smoke: 4
After-taste/Finish: 4
quality-price rapport: 6

Impressionistic Evaluation (choose one):
this is one of the best of this genre…. (10 pts)
I wouldn’t mind paying for it… (7 pts)
only if someone gave me a stick (5 pts)
I don’t like it, but can understand other may (3 pts)
one of the worst cigars I’ve ever smoked (0 pts)

TOTAL SCORE OUT OF 100: __77__

Notes: Mild. Started off a tad spicy for me but predominantly became toasty. light leathery Finnish.

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