Best Resources for Learning Another Language

Jim Ross: Are you biliginual?
Triple H:There are many bi things I am JR but linguals not one of them. Wait did I just mean to say that?
Jim Ross:I don’t think you did, but be that as it may, we’re live
King of the Ring 98

When I was in middle school they gave us one of two choices to learn a second language. Spanish or French were the only two things you could pick from. Now, in Salem, there used to be a major French population, but that dwindled by the time I was born. Salem, Massachusetts was high in Puerto Ricans when I was growing up, so I opted for Spanish, since this would be a more practical language to use, plus it would allow for more immersion as well as better job opportunities abroad. You took 2 years in middle school and 4 years in high school, if you passed the middle school aspect. This is way too long to be teaching a language and for some people it is too short to be able to learn a language. I always hopped for a better way, especially as a autodidactic person. Sadly, books were never enough to just learn a language and most programs were and are uber expensive. I still think Rosetta Stone is too costly, even coming down in price from the $500+ dollars in my late teens and early twenties to about $200ish. That said, it is a worthwhile program to use, if you can get past the initial price tag. So recently, I set out to use Duolingo to learn German and search for other resources that would supplement its use. Here is a review of the best resources to use in learning another language.

Duolingo is amazing and fun. It makes learning the language a breeze and helps to cement thing in better than just rote memorization. This isn’t without its faults though as it will only get you so far in your target language. The Duolingo plus is alright but relatively expensive for what you get, which is just no ads and the ability to repair streaks. If you pay the monthly until you’re finish, you’ll be all set.

LingoDeer is much like Duo but with a deer mascot and it is just as fun, but I wouldn’t say better than Duolingo. Its best aspect is in price point, for less than a year’s service on Duolingo, you can have lifetime access to everything and this, I believe, extends to all languages you could learn.

Busuu is amazing for learning a language as they have people who actually speak your target language which can help you with pronunciation. It is more like a helpful social media than an app. Included with the service is McGrawhill certification, which, if you didn’t know, if you’re American, made all the textbooks you used in school growing up, so the certification is worth more than you’ll pay for the service and probably far cheaper than most others you could get from anything else and with such a trusted name in education, well worth the price.

Clozemaster is another great resource to learn but I don’t think it is overly helpful past Duolingo or LingoDeer unless you’re willing to pay for the service. It is alright but not the most amazing way.

YouTube is surprising more amazing with learning a language than it is for anything else. The majority of teachers are well worth paying for and very helpful. In fact, I would go so far and say this is the most helpful and useful of online communities on Youtube. Worth spending your money on any and all and even the weaker channels tend to offer great content.

Idiots/Dummies guide
I have both idiots and dummies guides and I think the Dummies guides are way better than the Idiots guides. This things have been around for years and with their trademark wit and humor, they’re a great resource for anything one could desire to learn.

Collegiate dictionary is a must due to the amazing amount of words they have. Some can be expensive, but their digital counterparts are often very cheaper and well worth the investment.

Amazon is fantastic for digital books as it can offer thousands of no to low cost books to buy to help you learn the language. Add in the aforementioned dictionary and you will be learning new words in no time.

Twitter may not seem like it, but it is an amazing resource that gives you access to native speakers all over the world, not to mention thousands of brands in the country of desire. Well worth using to see updates in your Twitter feed daily to help you learn.

Fluent forever is a book which, isn’t really mind blowing as he basically just explains a lot of techniques that the accidents civilizations used in order to remember better, personal connections to make remembering words easier for you. It isn’t a bad book and for those of you that may have never read the ancient philosophers or went to college, this book will be gold for you in helping you out.

Learning a second language is fun and worthwhile endevenor and the ability for everyone to learn one at their desired pace is exquisitely amazing in today’s age. We’re afford so many luxuries that our ancestors could only dream of and there is really no reason to give it a go and with the resources provided above, it shouldn’t be too difficult for anyone of any age to accomplish.

Ich wünscht du glück in learnen ein zweiten sprache!

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