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Size Beautiful

     I want to toss out a suggestion into the universe and hope that it catches on. It’s for a new word to describe woman who are comfortable with the size they are at. I call them size beautiful.      What is a size beautiful girl? She is confident, sexy and happy with herself at the size she is. I’m not going […]

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Poetry Redefined 2

Poetry Redefined What makes a poem? Is it in verse or is it in time? Can it see your past, future or prime? Can it comfort you in your sleep or change your mind? Maybe its just ow you bear your soul on line. Poetry redefined.

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In Defense of Pornography

     A question about porn has recently arisen from the ashes of my mind, like a phoenix taking flight and I cannot shake the idea from my mind and need to discuss it.      The question in mind deals with the mind and pornography and how we has a society have come to view it. Porn is shot in High Definition now […]

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Do You Want to Start a War?

     I’ve never been one to review music. To me, it’s one of the hardest things to do and do well and I’m just not that educated when it comes to music. I have some rudimentary skills at the guitar, but I never was musically oriented as a child. So I’ve severally lacking in the ability to put into words what […]

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Mass Hysteria

Article on Shootings: “http://abcnews.go.com/US/fullpage/us-school-shootings-massacres-threats-timeline-curse-columbine-25896335      Columbine will always be remembered as one of the worst incidents in American history, other than possibly electing George W. Bush to president, but joking aside, what is it about this particular event that has the insane completely enthralled?      Surely, for anyone with a clear enough recollection of the 90’s, you would remember that Columbine wasn’t […]