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Ghostbusters and subtext

     Is Ghostbusters really about “nothing”? In other words, does it lack subtext which ultimately makes it about more than three academic outcast busting ghost? I think there is an answer and it’s quite simple, it’s also why the original film seems to resonate more with Millennial men than older generations.

     The movie introduces us to three men, all of whom work at the same University investing a ghost sighting at the NYC library. Each one has a different personality and all three work well for the story being told. Peter is the outgoing, sarcastic, skeptical one. Egon is the straight-laced, somber scientist with a bias towards the paranormal. Ray is the giant man-child, with a clear bias in the supernatural, evidence by his bursting into Peter’s office, like a kid at Christmas over a ghost sighting.

     There is where the beginning of the subtext start to take hold, which is subtle, yet there and I think misunderstood as being less of a character flaw than something like, believing in ghost for instance.

     Ray is the man who is afraid to grow and face the real world. It may not seem it, but it’s ever present throughout the movie, instead of in your face. It is called subtext after and subtext isn’t an IPA.

     The next exchange we see regarding Ray’s fear of adulthood is a conversation with Peter over being kicked out of the university. “You never worked in the private sector before, I have, they expect results.” Cements his fear of going back into the “adult” world, that he was a part of and didn’t really fare too well. Following the heels of this scene we get the exchange “I grew up in that home, you didn’t even bargain with the guy!” once again the language leads us to believe that he is fearful of growing up.

     I notice that most millennial men who enjoy this movie are often much like Ray. They have toy collections, they’re very much the embodiment of the Peter Pan complex.

     Back to the movie, we’re developing the theme of Ray’s childhood fear, authority is the antagonist, more so than Gozer. This is a very child mentality were a US vs Them against authority comes into play. Walter Peck might be dick less, but he has a job to do and is an adult voice of reason. The mayor is a voice of reason, the university is the voice of reason.

     Peter is clearly not a man-child, just kind of lazy. He does all the active work in the Ghostbusters movie, a sign of lack of maturity is passivity. Ray and Egon have no interpersonal skills and it shows, since Peter is the “father” figure of the group and a horrible one at that. Egon might be just an awkward introvert, but Ray just cannot be bothered. He couldn’t even contain himself from sliding down the pole at the showing of their future headquarters.

     Even Ray’s cigarette smoking is, subliminally, showing us he is a child as by the second movie he choose more “mature” forms of tobacco and while tobacco use of any kind is really a horrible choice, given the time period a pipe and a cigar had different connotations than cigarette smoking.

     A huge part of everyone’s story, but Ray’s is a woman in their life. Peter has Dana, Egon has the sexually aggressive Janie Melitz, but Ray has a wet dream, normally associated with adolescence, about a ghost.This is typical male fear of intimacy.

     Once we get to the ending, where the Ghostbusters fight Gozer, we are seeing the conclusion of Ray’s whole character arc. He chooses the form of the Statepufft Marshmallow Man as the destructor, now it is his litteral childhood he is facing down. “It just popped in there.” and “I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something I loved from my childhood, something that could never, ever possibly destroy us: Mr. Stay-Puft”

     The destruction of Stay-Puft is the conclusion of Ray’s character arc. All for come back to a hero’s welcome, but with Ray seeming more contemplative and somber after it all, as the credits roll.

     This was Ray’s rebirth, where this whole adulting thing is not as bad as Ray had feared and he takes it into the second movie with him.

     This ultimately makes the whole movie about Ray, growing up and conquering your fears in order to become something ultimately much greater.

Whip it, Whip it Good!

“Couples should explore their mutual fantasies.” There’s no such thing as a mutual fantasy. Yours bore us; ours offend you.”-Bill Maher

      BDSM is lame. I’m going to go out on a limb here and express something that–ever since the illiterate hack of a writer called E.L. James wrote 50 Shades of Crap–has become the hip thing all the kids were talking about.

      On a surface level, BDSM to most people seems to be about Dominate and Submissive persuasions. It’s actually a lot deeper than that, but for the sake of brevity, since I could write an entire book detailing all the little nuances of the culture, we’re going to leave it here. In BDSM you take on a role of either Master/Slave or Dominate/Submissive depending upon your preferred preference of role. They refer to it as taking on a role within the BDSM “Community.”In other words, you could be a Dominate guy, running a fortune 500 company by day and a submissive slave at night. Put even better in 1975, in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, “I’m not much of a man by the light of day, but by night I’m one hell of a lover.”

      I’m not casting judgment on this lifestyle and for many, it is just that. Let us be honest, it’s fucking nerdy! BDSM is on par with Live Action Role Playing. It’s Dungeons & Dragons, for “Adults.” Your mistress gets +12 at night and must roll a D20 for damage modifier to her whip.

      Look to nature, do you see Bucks wearing ass-less chaps? No, that’s because they don’t change roles, they’re static in their persuasion. BDSM is exclusively unique to humans and I think it’s because humans don’t quite understand dominance vs submission. They have rough ideas because of how warped society is and how religion has changed everything, effectively fucking humanity up.

      Rape is a horrible crime. Even in nature, no means no. I had a female pit bull for 10 years. She was a hard up lesbian. Anytime a male dog attempted to mount her, she would promptly move. If the dog didn’t take the hint, she would attack to protect herself. Does that sound like allowance of rape?

      There is a major difference from being a rapist and being a man. Masculinity, for those who don’t get it (I.E. woman and 99% of men) is not about rape. “Rape” is often tossed about as being a common fantasy of woman. Yet, when you read the description, it’s not even akin to rape at all. It’s something out of a stupid Harley-Quinn romance novel featuring Fabio on the cover, in a shirt that the front man of The Cure would rock for Gothic flavor.


      Men are intuitive, with luck. Not all are, but since the birth of humanity, one thing was certain, sex was most likely accomplished non-verbally. Hence why there are so many books on how to know if a woman is flirting with you. It’s in human


      nature and it didn’t go away just because we developed a language which allows for far more efficient communication. You can be a man and not be a rapist. It is quite easy, so long as you pay attention. What woman are really saying, but lack the ability to verbalize is not rape, but passionate, strong, aggressive sex.

      Getting back to the topic at hand on BDSM, is it any wonder that it catches on in a society with a childlike understanding of sexual persuasions? Scratch that, because one look at a schools structure and how children group will show a much better understanding of those persuasions. There are leaders, followers and uncategorized. They don’t just extend to sex.

      Dominance is no more a role than being a gender is an identity. It’s something that is innate and cannot be faked by people who aren’t. Whips, chains, dog collars and pleather jackets, (because to rock real leather would be harming animals and the pseudo-dominate couldn’t allow that, could they?) are not dominate.

      Leather doesn’t make you dominate, fuck, it doesn’t make you anything. Try making it yourself, instead of buying a machine made, Chinese lead filled, cheap piece of shit. Does wearing elves ears make me a Vulcan? Nope and it doesn’t extend anywhere else, either. You either are or you’re not, but you can play the role as so many do in this lifestyle. Emphasis on the play.

      Going back to 50 Shades of Grey, which isn’t about a dominate male and a submissive woman, but rather about a scared little boy who wants total control over everything, including woman. Security is a hallmark of men. Woman seek it and men need to have it and that doesn’t need to mean money or status, since status is so varied that it will depend on a woman’s preference.

      How does BDSM fit into that? It doesn’t. It’s all up to the individual to do what’s right for them, but one thing is for sure, BDSM and 50 Shades of Grey are not, nor will it ever be legit dominance. My personal understanding of a dominatrix, is that it is something woman do, in order to be more actively engaged in sex. Nature kind of decrees that they’re usually in a more passive role, during the sex. This is wholly understandable, yet I will never understand why men are drawn to it. It’s on par with studying masculinity. If you have to study masculinity, you’re probably not too much of a man, anyways and that’s fine, nature needs you as well. Don’t attempt to be “Alpha.” Anyone with a brain knows this type of guy just doesn’t exist. You can be masculine and great with woman and not be the top dog. In some cases, that “Alpha” guy is taking it in the ass from his boyfriend, if he happens to be gay. Yes, they exist on both sides of sexuality.

      If you know a thing or two about programing, you know Alpha testing is the shit phase. That’s when you work out all the kinks out and figure out how to fix them. In other words, your alpha phase should be childhood and by your teen years, you should have a much better grasp on yourself as a person and your likes and dislikes.

      Best way to be dominate in the bedroom? Be active in the sex and not passive. That is being dominate. Direct the traffic and take some chances. If something doesn’t work, she’ll express herself and you can stop doing as such. It doesn’t make you less of a man to have respect for any human, regardless of gender.

      Think with the right head and you’ll be fine.

Postscript:Cleaned up the article a bit, made a few minor errors, which are now corrected.