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The Art of Sextortion(NSFW)

If there is a lesson to be learned from any of what I am about to post, it’s this. If you’re going to extort someone, make sure it’s someone who cares and isn’t in the business of entertainment. If only I had shame, they might have been able to scare me, but atlas, I don’t. So here is a fun exchange from last night. This is 100% not safe for work.


So yesterday I get a friends request from some woman who I don’t know. They started the profile in 2012, pictures and everything. It seem legitimate, so I add her. I get multiple friends request throughout the month and am pretty good at weeding out fakes. Occasionally a legit profile gets denied from me, this case is the opposite, but because it’s funny, I am posting it here.


She PM’s me on Facebook later that and expresses interest in skyping. I have never skyped with anyone, so I figure fine, might as well give it a go. This chick isn’t bad looking, I’ve dealt with more attractive, but she seemed worth it. So below is the NSFW exchange between us and how I got a bot/human so annoyed during an extortion attempt that they blocked me.





Now, I suspect something off the whole time, as you can see. I believe in honesty at all times, but when it comes to dealing with a bot/criminal, fuck honesty. My phone was blacked out with ducktape the entire time, as you’ll see in the next exchange


We talk on Skype and she gets right to business. Below is the rest of the exchange, up til they block me.  FYI, nothing like being extorted over a picture of my fist. lmfao!


Facebook has currently banned the individual without me reporting it, so he/she/bot shouldn’t do this anytime soon. And for the you good little monkey’s making it all the way through to the end of this, I present you with this: Click the pic , because I found the video the extortioner used.





While I do not intend on necessarily using this name as a finished project, the other title is “Stickaloadein” or Stick a Lode In. I thought this might make for an interesting idea to converse about.

So essentially this is a fun project that will be one of many parodies and one I think has a market for. The 90’s have been making a huge cum back and now we can re-imagine our favorite old shows, but with a XXX bent.

This will be a DVD project, as opposed to multiple stand alone parodies, because I think that one of the many issues of porn parodies is that they are often too long and have a lot of filler that is just not needed for you to enjoy.

For instance of Klarrisa Does it all parody. No one wants to see Ferguson banging anyone. It’s Sam & Klarrisa that everyone wanted to see bang, from the second that ladder hit her window. Let’s be honest, Ferguson would of been outside his sister’s window, jacking his tiny penis and moaning Donald Trump’s name.

I plan on finding and paying performers who have never done porn before, as opposed to hiring traditional artist. The high number reflects the fact that I desire to actually make this seem as close to the originals, right down to set design as I can without going over budget.

Given the fact there have been tons of parodies out their, coupled with the nostalgia for the 1990’s, this seems like an idea ripe for the picking.

What do you think of the idea?

Please feel free to comment and suggest things about the Indiegogo campaign.–2/x/13473227#/

Best in Your Girl: The Novel.

Chapter One

     The glass on the den windows vibrated from the strong winds pounding against it with an intensity reminiscent of a starship pulling out of warp speed and just barely colliding with an asteroid A powerful thud, but unscathed.

     I reached out and grabbed the large black remote from the coffee table turned on the television, pushing my way through boring show, after boring show, until I came upon the weather channel, which was still far better than whatever sitcom was popular. I muttered to myself, then allowed the meteorologist his say. His voice was thick and masculine, like a Russian who could speak English with the precision of a native. “Looks like you’re getting 18’ massive inches of snow, with gale force winds coming in off the oceans within the next hour.”

     I moved towards the window and stared into the black abyss that was the night, watching as the sky spurted little flakes of white snow, which slowly drifted downward and accumulated upon the window sill of my den. Chills ran up my back as Goosebumps were aroused on my forearms, sending me to the other side of the house to grab myself a towel, in order to clean up the snow that would most likely force itself through the tight window opening, without mercy, ravaging the beautiful hard wood floors with unsightly bumps and buckles, unless someone made sure to use the proper protective barrier to prevent such.

     Only a few moments had passed when a huge dong sprang forth from the living room, cutting through the tension of the night, saving me from the hardcore debauchery of loneliness that pillaged the inside of my mind, driving me to the brink of madness and all without the radiance of Edgar Allen Poe’s elegant prose to make the lingering pain of despairs engorged embrace upon my soul even more burdensome.

     Moving over towards the fireplace, I snatched the whiskey off the mantel, removed the cap and brought the long, glass handle to my mouth, allowing the sweet ambrosia to fill my mouth and swallowed a swing in one massive gulp. My face slowly grew flushed as my capillaries burst, giving forth the slow rise to comfort and the illusion of warmth, which became displaced by the wetness of my pants, nestling itself right between my legs, making my pajama bottoms cling to my inner thigh. I hadn’t noticed the sticky liquid that had been spilled upon my pants when I grabbed the towel from the bathroom. I was too buzzed from the whiskey to be even mildly annoyed by the inconvenient spillage. I curled my lip and undid my bathrobe as I approached the bookcase and pulled down on the book, opening up the doorway to the spiral staircase that descended into the depths of depravity that was my underground lair.

     I pushed through the spiral doorway into a room dimly lit rectangular room, which would have been all but an inkwell of darkness if not for the small amount of lighting, which expressed itself through six, square-shaped windows in the ceiling above, allowing the silken gold light to rain down and envelop the bed in its warm, passionate embrace, as if a beacon had descended from the heavens, carving a path to the siren that was my bed and enveloping it in a warm and passionate embrace, which would surely be the demise of my night if I was to succumb to the temptations which it proffered.

     Lights on, I command with the same “swagger” Ali Baba must have wielded outside the den of thieves an eon earlier. The lights turned on slowly, like a strike to the match that would fully engulf the head with a flame, hypnotically dancing in the dark. A large black book lay on the bedside table, which, was insipidity titled little black book. I sunk down into the bed as I sat upon it and opened up the book containing head shots of woman who I had met over the years, each one with name and number beside them, three hole punched for easy flipping through the binder and all labeled according to hair color, age, body type, sexual predilections and more. I flipped through pages upon pages of woman from which I had my pick, depending on my mood and desires, stopping on the last page of the book.

     Her name was Christine Hernandez, She was a new addition, older and shorter than myself, with beautiful eyes that were gateways into her soul. The hues would change color and intensity based on her mood. One look could take you on an adventure and the next would destroy you where you stood. The same could be said of her hair, fiery red when she was temperamental and blue when she was sad. She couldn’t hide the nature of how she felt even if she tried, because they were as much a part of her as the blood in her veins. Connected as one, yet separate entities. One look at her and I was instantly hypnotized by how she seemed to transcend her humanity and yet was completely held down to earth at the same time. She was her own yin and yang and quite frankly, it drove me crazy with delight.

     Carefully, I removed the head shot from the top loader and grabbed the number on the back and dialed it into the phone. Pressing send, I watched as the seconds ticked up and the sound of the tone echoed in my ear, then a click, followed by a sultry voice on the other end and with a simple hello, I was reduced to rubble.

Best in Your Girl Podcast 1.0

Transcript 1.0

     Hello and welcome to my very first podcast, the first ever best in your girl podcast. You come for the Kage and stay for the awesome and let’s be honest, who doesn’t come for Kage?

     You’re not getting a catchy hook, meant to lure you into the show, at least not yet. In other words, music wasn’t needed to get you to give this format a chance and I’m pleased to have you listening. In the future, we might need to add something catchy to listen to, but for now, we are music non grata.

     So let me get right into the podcast and that is about one thing, an extremely interesting night I had back in May of this year.

     Yes kids, we’re going back to the past for something that I think, was really hilarious. Hell, if you don’t think this is funny, you might not have a pulse, because it is without a doubt the worst sexual encounter in the history of sexual encounters and then I want to make mention to another topic, which I think you’ll be interesting. If you recall, I wrote an essay called the cult of personality and this is an extrapolation to those thoughts, so without future ado, here…we…go!

     One night, I was alerted to a message on a website, Plenty of Fish. It’s a dating website and like most dating websites, it’s not very good and doesn’t have a lot of option. It’s free, for the most part, so we get what we pay for. I didn’t message her first, she messaged me. Great start to a mediocre night.

     I replied and we got the ball rolling. Now, what was said was mundane and uninteresting, but it is irrelevant to the story.

     The point was reading between the lines and boy did I. She was very interested in sex. She didn’t say that, exactly, but I tend to read between the lines because fuck me, I’m arrogant like that.

     Yes, this arrogant son of a bitch is read between the lines, because that’s what you do when you want to enjoy the end means, which is sex.

     Now, I play back and forth, maybe, nah, fine I guess I can come over. So I make a short trek to the other side of town and find her waiting upon her porch.

     I ascend the stairs to the third floor and greet her. She seems optimistic enough and we “enjoy” some alright conversation.

     Meanwhile, inside, I’m awaiting for a family member of hers to leave for the night and so see her boyfriend, presumably to do the same exact thing that I was hoping to do, which is sexy times.

     Now, once we’re inside, finally, I’m still waiting for this young woman to leave and give us our space. It was about midnight when I left and three a.m. by the time I got space. So, naturally, I’m tired and not in the mood to be sauve so I say fuck it, and just blurt out, want to fuck?
Yes, she does. Great, let us adjourn to the bedroom so as to better express our carnality and enjoy the debauchery. I don’t say this, because I want the sex and sex isn’t literature, so fuck it, we’re doing it live!

     kissing is awkward. I mean, George Takei in Star Trek, kissing the beautiful Nichelle Nichols. (Quick digression, why does Microsoft word say I misspelled Nichelle Nichols’ name wrong when it’s right, but knows I misspelled George Takei’s last name wrong?)

     I get her on the bed, pants off and have a go orally. A few minutes of this and that. I ask her if she want to suck my dick and in her best John Waters impersonation “yeeeesssss.” I like her enthusiasm. Good god, is this the worst head imaginable. My dick isn’t a carrot, please do not scrape it with teeth. I’ve had so much better. So then I’m like, let’s just skip to fucking and so we do. This sex sucked so bad, you would have sworn we were virgins. We had the sexual chemistry of a dial up connection.

      I plunged into her with my engorged phallus and proceed to promptly ask the question no man wants to hear a woman ask, and is even worse when he has to ask it himself, am I in yet? Yes, I had to ask that. The plus side, at least I got her to try anal and she never would, so hey, go it wasn’t all bad for me. Who am I fucking kidding, yes, yes it was.At one point, I had to say fuck it and have her on top. She does her thing for a few seconds and next thing I know, she’s off of me. Having the worse night of my life, I become a fuckin’ cliché and ask, did you? Big smile, yes. She looks me in the eye and says, did you. I pause, and answer, no.

     I thought woman looked bored when their husbands thrust away and not notice the dull look in their eye and here I am with the opposite problem; a very wet and into it woman with a guy who is board as fuck!

     So Kage ended the night because the condom came off and I didn’t bring back ups. Which I’m glad, because it would have been boring until 6 in the morn. Needless to say, I had to finish myself off. Could have stayed home, but nope.

     Now there is one thing about this story that I didn’t mention in the beginning and it’s here now to segway into the next topic.

      If you have two thousand or so fans, do you count as a celebrity? If you read cult of personality, you now the very definition of celebrity is celebrated, thus even with a rather paltry amount of fans, she must count, right?

     So if anyone out there listing has a celebrity fantasy, I don’t want to burst your bubble, but if you’ve built it up over the years, you are most likely in for a rude awakening.Seriously, do not have pre-conceived notions about anyone you desire to fuck. Have a fantasy about anyone is healthy and fine. You’re not weird and it happens to most people, usually when you’re younger. Occasionally older, but its fine.

     Brings me to the next part, which is, of course, how you might find yourself in such a predicament. Now, this isn’t my first rodeo, but this is probably the first time I failed backwards into banging a person with fans. That sounds right, because celebrity should be reserved for someone who has a wider following. It’s the difference between cult following and summer blockbuster. This was the Rocky Horror Picture Show of sex. In other words, It was great when it all began, but ended with a floor show.
Now, for those of you who are awesomely challenged, let me tell you something, I’m a nerd par excellence. The fact I know what that last sentence means, gives me the credibility to refer to myself as such.
Look at how verbose my writing is. If that isn’t nerdy, I don’t know what is, but let us be honest, nerd or not, few are as awesome as I am.

     If you’re listening, you are either as awesome as I am or you want to be.
Now back to the topic at hand, I desire to express you to the following, which is that anyone and I do mean anyone, can have sex with anyone they desire. Yes, even you. I see your mid-90’s Chicago Bulls jersey and much like the bulls you haven’t had a championship in years. Prepare yourself, because you just might find yourself back in the playoffs, unlike the bulls.

     There is no simple pill that you can take to become awesome, all it takes is a dose of testicular fortitude. That’s right, to borrow from Sarge in the Gears of War series, nut the hell up, son!
That is it, really, just grow a pair. Nothing to it. Now, if you want to bang a “celebrity.” Well, same applies. Seriously, that’s it. They’re people too and that is something that needs to be made clear.
I don’t think I need to mention that persistence is probably not best for business when pursuing this personal endeavor. Remember kids, its persistence when you’re famous and stalking when you’re not.

     Should you find yourself, say, were a seemingly innocuous meet cute might happen to arise, then why not? you really have nothing to lose, other than the perhaps the desire to ever fondle a “celebrity” again.

     You should, of course, treat everyone you come across with some basic human respect. In other words, your end game probably shouldn’t be a routine fuck and chuck. Make it seem less conspicuous. Unless you’re dealing with a rock star, than fuck it and rock out with your cock or pussy out.
There is really nothing preventing you from them, other than perhaps a restraining order for your “persistence.” The librarian down the street can get one of those as well, though. So you really don’t have an excuse, just do not be a dick.

     If you recall, I made mention that idolization of anyone is a really, really dumb prospect. I think, as the doc has always said, that if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. I really believe this and that’s why I’m making this my first topic. My sex life is like Kevin Smith’s film career, if I can do it, anyone can. Plus it’s life, that’s kind of what happens, you fail upwards.

     Just a few tips to keep in mind, should you be ballsy enough to go take a shot from the half court line with less than a minute on the clock in the final four.

     1. Be polite. This isn’t redundant. It’s basic edict for all human beings.
     2. Introductions. Not everyone is known by everyone. Even if you know them, odds are, someone might not.
     3. Act or actually be interested in them. Everyone’s favorite topic is themselves, but do not be too interested that you downplay yourself. In other words, don’t be a fanboy or girl.
     4. Maintain eye contact and exude confidence.
     5. When in doubt, treat them as you would a friend.

     This is good advice for dealing with anyone. You could attempt to be cocky, but save it for the pros.

     So until next time, remember that life is just a ride and we can change it, anytime we want to.

In Defense of Pornography

     A question about porn has recently arisen from the ashes of my mind, like a phoenix taking flight and I cannot shake the idea from my mind and need to discuss it.

     The question in mind deals with the mind and pornography and how we has a society have come to view it. Porn is shot in High Definition now a day, and very realistic. In fact, porn is shot closer to home movies that you might share with loved one, from vacations to children’s birthday parties, but one has to wonder if that is the biggest problem with porn that society has, over the fact that pornography actually exist.

     Does porn interact with our minds differently than movies do? If you don’t know a thing about movies, they are traditionally shot on film in 24fps (Frames per second) and it gives the movies a dream like quality to them, as it is often described as.

     Pornography hasn’t been shot on film since sometime in the 1970’s, most likely. If you have seen pornography from the 1980’s you’ll notice a change in style and a much more modern look to it, in comparison to the porn of the previous eras. In fact, pornography was often viewed in theaters much like its cinematic counterparts.

     Some people, have drawn and in my opinion, false correlations between pornography and IQ. Dr. Kanawanza mentions such in his book The Intelligence Paradox.

     If pornography is interacting with our minds in a much more realistic way than it has in the past, could it be to blame for having impacts on sex lives?

     I find it doubtful that shooting a pornographic film in 24fps has any less of an impact on the mind than would shooting in a much more realistic format as 32fps. In fact, some studies have concluded, in recent times, that porn probably isn’t that bad for you at all.

     Yet if there really is a problem with pornography, were would it stem from? Yes, porno creates unrealistic situations that would never happen in real life. If you bang the nineteen year old cheerleader at the door, she probably wasn’t outside awaiting to have you ravage her like they do in the films. Most likely selling something or is lost and needs directions.

     Yet all porno is somewhat grounded in realism, since every time you interact with a member of the opposite sex, you could find yourself going back to their place for a shag.

     Is it the acts that seem far outside of “normal” that could be impacting people? I think the creativity in sexual acts is also a farfetched idea, since one article suggest that film can actually make one feel empathic towards characters.

     This brings me back to my point, since the article says film, which again is in 24fps, giving a dream like quality over the realistic nature of 1080p HD.

     If pornography is the reason for some ills in the world, I highly I would like to know the answer as to why? Science has given us plenty of evidence as to why it isn’t corrupting our soul and turning our children into sexual fiends.

     If the impact of pornography on our psyches is caused by anything, I’m willing to bet it’s the format in which it was shot in, over the content of the actual film.

     Albeit, film has never prevented psychopaths from being destructive towards others. The shootings in Denver are a clear indication of a movie being scapegoated as the catalyst for such insanity.

     So, given a breakdown of format that is used to create such films, what other possible argument for pornography being the scourge of humanity be?

     I cannot think of one, but I know for sure that it isn’t the fact that anyone can view it, the content of the film or even the format.

     Since these are the only possible arguments as to why people could consider such movies abhorrent in our society, I find the idea that pornography as an “Evil” is fatuous at best and a waste of tax dollars to find a correlation between murders, rape and destruction. I love science and anytime scientist get to do their thing, I’m for it, even when the hypothesis is batshit crazy, but some things in life should be blatantly fucking obvious.

     I’m one of those guys who loves to have as much evidence to back up my claims as anyone, but that leads to a need to be very selective in what I ultimately put my time into. This is the problem that I’m running into. Simple arguments pretty much show that pornography cannot do much to decay the very fabric of society. Yet, what could the reason be?

     The more we look at pornography from a logical perspective, the more rational pornography seems to be. It makes sense that people might turn to pornography for a whole plethora of reasons. Not the least of which is for ideas on how to rape. Rape is, has and always will be very straight forward. It is the use of corrosion, force or other means in getting “sex” from another person.

     How would the details of the rape have prevented it from happening? Some people are raped in the most brutal of ways, true and while influence in society from outside stimuli can and does happen, I don’t see it as deep enough to be alarming and having people desire to go on a witch-hunt within the pornography industry.

     Does some porn go too far in denigrating woman? Maybe, but that is up to the viewer to decide and not others. Remember, the hurdles that need to be jumped to be a woman in porn nowadays is far greater than in the past and they are subject to greater scrutiny. In other words, 99% of all acts seen and porn are defiantly consensual and while the 1% of the acts could justifiably be traced to possible forcing of someone into the industry, it happens more than not within the amateur realm of pornography than the pro.

     Pornography is a lot of things, but evil will never be one of them and I think that this will hold true as people continue to study pornography in greater and greater samples into the future and beyond. Quite possibly, the only better industry to be in now a day is the study of pornography as opposed to being in pornography, but that is another topic for another day.

Life’s a Bitch and then you Die.

     “Life’s a bitch and then you die” says one Massachusetts doctor. Asking to remain anonymous, Doctor X has been studying the effects of life on humans for over twenty-five years now. “We’ve discovered that you start to die the minute you’re born.” he said, adding “and it sucks until then.”

     For such a bleak prognosis, surely there must be a cure. According to Dr. X, no cure is in sight. He explained “We’ve been looking for a cure for years. Life has a 100% mortality rate. You’re going to die and possibly sooner than you think.”

     Dr. X explained to this reporter that this need not be something to worry about. “Lots of people die, every day. The trick is to live before that happens.” he added. A tall order for some people, he knows, but when Asked about what people could do to make their life less of a bitch, all Doctor X had to say was “I find drugs help.”

     I inquired as to what type of drugs he has prescribed to patients in the past. “All of them.” he said. “Do as many drugs as humanly possible. I mean, odds are good that you’ll die tomorrow, so what the hell, right?” When asked if there was anything else he would like people to know, he said “Fuck and fuck often” Quickly adding “While on drugs.”

Whip it, Whip it Good!

“Couples should explore their mutual fantasies.” There’s no such thing as a mutual fantasy. Yours bore us; ours offend you.”-Bill Maher

     BDSM is lame. I’m going to go out on a limb here and express something that–ever since the illiterate hack of a writer called E.L. James wrote 50 Shades of Crap–has become the hip thing all the kids were talking about.

     On a surface level, BDSM to most people seems to be about Dominate and Submissive persuasions. It’s actually a lot deeper than that, but for the sake of brevity, since I could write an entire book detailing all the little nuances of the culture, we’re going to leave it here. In BDSM you take on a role of either Master/Slave or Dominate/Submissive depending upon your preferred preference of role. They refer to it as taking on a role within the BDSM “Community.”In other words, you could be a Dominate guy, running a fortune 500 company by day and a submissive slave at night. Put even better in 1975, in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, “I’m not much of a man by the light of day, but by night I’m one hell of a lover.”

     I’m not casting judgment on this lifestyle and for many, it is just that. Let us be honest, it’s fucking nerdy! BDSM is on par with Live Action Role Playing. It’s Dungeons & Dragons, for “Adults.” Your mistress gets +12 at night and must roll a D20 for damage modifier to her whip.
Can you spot the difference between the alpha and the nerd? I can’t.

     Look to nature, do you see Bucks wearing ass-less chaps? No, that’s because they don’t change roles, they’re static in their persuasion. BDSM is exclusively unique to humans and I think it’s because humans don’t quite understand dominance vs submission. They have rough ideas because of how warped society is and how religion has changed everything, effectively fucking humanity up.

     Rape is a horrible crime. Even in nature, no means no. I had a female pit bull for 10 years. She was a hard up lesbian. Anytime a male dog attempted to mount her, she would promptly move. If the dog didn’t take the hint, she would attack to protect herself. Does that sound like allowance of rape?

     There is a major difference from being a rapist and being a man. Masculinity, for those who don’t get it (I.E. woman and 99% of men) is not about rape. “Rape” is often tossed about as being a common fantasy of woman. Yet, when you read the description, it’s not even akin to rape at all. It’s something out of a stupid Harley-Quinn romance novel featuring Fabio on the cover, in a shirt that the front man of The Cure would rock for Gothic flavor. Harley-Quinn Romance
Harley Quinn Romance

     Men are intuitive, with luck. Not all are, but since the birth of humanity, one thing was certain, sex was most likely accomplished non-verbally. Hence why there are so many books on how to know if a woman is flirting with you. It’s in human nature and it didn’t go away just because we developed a language which allows for far more efficient communication. You can be a man and not be a rapist. It is quite easy, so long as you pay attention. What woman are really saying, but lack the ability to verbalize is not rape, but passionate, strong, aggressive sex.

     Getting back to the topic at hand on BDSM, is it any wonder that it catches on in a society with a childlike understanding of sexual persuasions? Scratch that, because one look at a schools structure and how children group will show a much better understanding of those persuasions. There are leaders, followers and uncategorized. They don’t just extend to sex.

     Dominance is no more a role than being a gender is an identity. It’s something that is innate and cannot be faked by people who aren’t. Whips, chains, dog collars and pleather jackets, (because to rock real leather would be harming animals and the pseudo-dominate couldn’t allow that, could they?) are not dominate.

     Leather doesn’t make you dominate, fuck, it doesn’t make you anything. Try making it yourself, instead of buying a machine made, Chinese lead filled, cheap piece of shit. Does wearing elves ears make me a Vulcan? Nope and it doesn’t extend anywhere else, either. You either are or you’re not, but you can play the role as so many do in this lifestyle. Emphasis on the play.

     Going back to 50 Shades of Grey, which isn’t about a dominate male and a submissive woman, but rather about a scared little boy who wants total control over everything, including woman. Security is a hallmark of men. Woman seek it and men need to have it and that doesn’t need to mean money or status, since status is so varied that it will depend on a woman’s preference.

     How does BDSM fit into that? It doesn’t. It’s all up to the individual to do what’s right for them, but one thing is for sure, BDSM and 50 Shades of Grey are not, nor will it ever be legit dominance. My personal understanding of a dominatrix, is that it is something woman do, in order to be more actively engaged in sex. Nature kind of decrees that they’re usually in a more passive role, during the sex. This is wholly understandable, yet I will never understand why men are drawn to it. It’s on par with studying masculinity. If you have to study masculinity, you’re probably not too much of a man, anyways and that’s fine, nature needs you as well. Don’t attempt to be “Alpha.” Anyone with a brain knows this type of guy just doesn’t exist. You can be masculine and great with woman and not be the top dog. In some cases, that “Alpha” guy is taking it in the ass from his boyfriend, if he happens to be gay. Yes, they exist on both sides of sexuality.

     If you know a thing or two about programing, you know Alpha testing is the shit phase. That’s when you work out all the kinks out and figure out how to fix them. In other words, your alpha phase should be childhood and by your teen years, you should have a much better grasp on yourself as a person and your likes and dislikes.

     Best way to be dominate in the bedroom? Be active in the sex and not passive. That is being dominate. Direct the traffic and take some chances. If something doesn’t work, she’ll express herself and you can stop doing as such. It doesn’t make you less of a man to have respect for any human, regardless of gender.

     Think with the right head and you’ll be fine.

     Postscript:Cleaned up the article a bit, made a few minor errors, which are now corrected.

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