Alone (2007)

I sit and stare blankly, at the screen quietly waiting, for a chance to chat with her. yet, she may never come. Which leaves me wondering what I done, to distance her from me. and in that moment of sadness,… Read More ›

Her (2007)

Her long flowing hair cascades down to her shoulders it shines with the intensity of a star, bright, vibrant and bouncy her skin, pale like the fresh fallen snow those rosebud lips, which I yearn to kiss, make me shiver… Read More ›

Aftermath (2007)

Parents gather in the masses Where there children turned to ashes On top the hill the school in ruins Haunting Image of evil doings Now is when things will change finger pointing. who’s to blame? what made this child go… Read More ›

Ambrosia (2012)

Your smell intoxicates my senses in ways that make me glad to have imbibed the nectar of love. You make my heart flutter like the wings of a dove. I have shunned these feelings that burn in the deepest recesses… Read More ›

What the fuck? (2012)

We live in a world that’s entirely disconnected from one another. We use social networking sites ironically. We bond, through bondage. We forge our chains in life and wear them to the grave. We give thanks at Thanksgiving and celebrate… Read More ›