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Kagemas:Jack Frost Movie Review

INTRODUCTION: Jack Frost, a movie I saw years too late and watched again recently. Not to be confused with that heart felt movie that with Michael Keaton, where the father comes back as a snowman, after he dies, produced around the same time. This one is a horror comedy with a young Shannon Elizabeth. It is quite interesting and very 90s.

SYNOPSIS: A killer, being transported to his execution, ends up in an accident. Unbeknownst to anyone, it is also transporting a top secret government science project that turns the killer into a snowman.

CHARACTERS: Well, it seems like a tight nit community and the characters are developed ok. I wouldn’t say you care about them, but it is done well enough to make you think this is real.

ACTING: Better than a Hallmark movie, worse than a good movie, but very passable.

MUSIC: Works, but nothing to write home about.

FX: Dated, but they would have been decent in their time. It works, I mean, it’s about a killer snowman, don’t overthink this.

SUBTEXT: Honestly, I think this has some, but it is weak. It’s about community, family and coming together in a way a lot of cheesy, hallmark rom-coms cannot even pull off.

CONCLUSION: This is a fun movie, but doesn’t really go far enough. It lacks the old school suspense of things like Halloween or Friday the 13, but is still enjoyable to watch. It has all the makings of a cult classic and is an excellent change of pace compared to other horror in its time. It wasn’t ever going to be an amazing flick, but for fucks sakes, it has a Snowman rape scene that is pretty brutal and hilarious at the same time and if that isn’t enough to sell you on at least seeing this one time, I don’t know what will, because it rarely gets more fucked up than that. Watch it for Christmas, because it is a lot less corny in comparison to everything else on television.

2 ½ out of 5

Kagemas: Christmas Evil Review

INTRODUCTION: Here is an old movie that, sadly, I have never seen. It is one of those hidden gems and it has the benefit of being in a rare category of Christmas horror films that are not done well, or at least, not often enough. This though, this isn’t a lump of coal. Whoever was on the good list that year, thank you, because this is a fun flick!

SYNOPSIS: A young boy suffers a traumatic Christmas one year in the 1930’s. 50 years later, he takes his love for the holiday a bit too far.

CHARACTERS: This movie predates Joker, which just came out and I have to say, there is a similarity between the two characters and while, even though I haven’t seen it yet, I am sure Joker does it better, but this is an even cooler concept than just a psychological expose on an Incel in 1980’s New York. The character, in my mind, is more sympathetic, because he seems out of place in the world. There is an innocence, instead of mental illness. He is creepy, albeit, not intentionally. He loves Christmas and he is not very accepted by the world. The rest of the characters could have used more development, but the point of view is Santa.

ACTING: Very, very good. No one is going to win any awards here, but it is better than a lot of modern TV shows and very good for the B movies of the time.

DIALOGUE: is very good, nothing to complain about.

MUSIC: Excellent to build up the tone and tension.

VISUALS: It’s the 80s and very low budget but good for what they wanted to achieve.

SUBTEXT: None, except that being yourself isn’t beloved by everyone.

CONCLUSION: This movie is nearly two hours long and it really has few kills to make it a horror movie. It still builds up tension well and makes you wonder when he will finally go insane. It has flaws, but they’re few and far between. It is, as I pointed out, a character piece akin to Joker and very good at that. Why this isn’t bigger around the holidays is beyond me, but it really needs to be.

3 ½ stars out of 5.