Rum Mixture (Altadis)

Blend: Rum Mixture
Kind:Black Cavendish with a light aroma.
Flavor: Mild

Once again, this one is getting a fairly higher rating just because of the fact that the smell is just like whatever blend it is my Uncle Smokes. I will have to find out one of these days exactly what blend it was.

It lights well and stays lit pretty well too. I think that way it light also depends on how you pack this tobacco. I just gravity filled because sometimes I am too lazy for the three layer. lol

The room note is amazing. Once again, you got ladies around and they will flock to you. They should change the name of the blend to “Pimp in a pouch”

The taste is mild. in fact, there almost is none. It mildly taste like it smells, which isn’t much. it can taste a bit waxy at times (same for the aromatic) but you almost never notice it.

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