Burley London Blend (MacBarren)

MacBaren has produced a pretty solid blend here. The blend description says this was created in 1965. I say that still being around 45 years later is a pretty good testament to this blend.

look: This blend is broken flakes. You may need to rub it out a tad, depending on the pipe you are going to smoke it in. I smoked it in a Peterson System pipe.

Taste: The description list that it has a “natural chocolate note like all good burleys. I could definitely taste a hint of coco in the blend, but it was not the prominent overall flavor, nor is this an aromatic. The Virginia in this blend give it a nice hint of sweetness, and the burley tends to have a natural nuttiness to the taste, as well. Its not a very bold flavor, but nor is it too light like a Virginia. at times I thought I tasted a slight grassy note from the blend.

keep a nice toasty flavor towards the end, and didn’t, as far as I could tell, get bitter towards the end of the bowl like some burleys can.

Aftertaste: Left a very nice, pleasant after taste.

Room note: Leaves a nice, pleasant smell to the room. Shouldn’t offend anyone.

Bite: MacBaren has a reputation for having tobaccos that bite, but I didn’t find any here.

Overall: a very good solid blend that should be liked by burley lovers and other pipe smokers alike. I think everyone can find something to like about this blend.

3 Stars outta 5

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