My Mixture 965

Taste: The taste is a kinda hit and miss, some time it was nice and sweet and sometimes is was meh. It was still pleasant though. I could not really tell the taste, but it almost tasted a bit marshmallow like at times.

Room Note: I love the room note. it smells great. I left the room I smoked it in and returned to smell it and it was amazing.

Burn: it burns great. I had only a few relight, it pretty much stayed lit for me.

Tongue bite: If puffed too fast, mild tongue bite can happen, but it isn’t all too bad.

Aftertaste: it leaves a pleasant aftertaste in my mouth. I can still taste if long after I smoke it, which is nice.

I think a lot of newer pipe smokers should give this a go, I know a lot of experienced piper’s don’t like the new Dunhill products because they not like the old ones, but this is still enjoyable none the less. Give it a try. Roughly 8.99 for 50 oz is not too shabby.

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