English Mixture (Atladis)

The smell of this pouch is almost like that of Dunhill My Mixture 965 (Which I also reviewed on this forum) The taste is similar, but less sweet like My Mixture is. Kinda Harsh I thought, but I only tried this blend once.

Like the rest it lit well and relights are prob determined on how it’s packed. once again, grav-filled.

The room note isn’t bad, but deff not nice like the others. I would say not a crowd pleaser.

Final thoughts:

It should be noted that I experienced no tongue bite from any of these. Although the English bit a little, but hardly at all.

It should also be noted that these are NOT amazing blends. You want something good, you should invest in real premium tobacco’s. Still, if you are a noob to the pipe, you could do so much worse than these. I definitely recommend these if you are new to the pipe as they are a good starting point. if you’re more experienced you won’t find much of anything in these tobacco’s except some nice aromatics that would be pleasing to a crowd.

As a person that is not a fan of Aromatics, expect for maybe in smell only, I enjoyed these. I plan to grab up some more of the Rum and Aromatic ones for the memories they bring. I also might pick up some black because its not too shabby either.

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