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Fashionably Late Movie Reviews: Overlord.

INTRODUCTION: Overlord, was a movie I wanted to see back in 2018, but opted to wait. I’m not sad that I waited, but at the same time, this would have been wicked to have seen. It’s one of the better WW2 flicks in a good long while and I think you’ll enjoy this one. It isn’t as good as Dead Snow and it isn’t about zombies, like the trailer made it out to be, but it is still the best WW2 movie I have seen since Saving Private Ryan.

SYNOPSIS: The day before D-Day and a group of soldiers are sent into Normandy with the task of disrupting a transmissions tower in order for ground troops to successfully make it to the beach.

CHARACTERS: Not bad! You don’t really feel bad for them, but each one is likable enough that they’re not overtly shallow. The “villain” is definitely weak as fuck. He is a want be Hans Lambda from Inglorious Bastards, but with none of the charm or anything remotely likable, making him just a cliché. Each one is unique enough that they’re memorable and you can tell them apart, but you aren’t going to see any iconic characters come out of this movie.

ACTING: All the actors did very well. None of them are going to win an award for this, but it was very good.

STYLE: Fantastic! I loved the visuals and the FX would pretty damn good!

MUSIC: Nothing iconic, but works with the flick.

HISTORICAL ACCURACY: Mostly true to the time period and very well done.

TENSION: Is there and you can feel it in spades. It’s a slow burn, but not that slow of a burn. Really well balanced.

SUBTEXT: None, except for the overt, don’t play God, but, whatever.

CONCLUSION: This is one fine movie. I don’t think it is one I would watch over and over again, but it was fun at least once. I could see myself watching it at least one more time, though. The acting is one point, the visuals are good, the tension is there, the characters aren’t bad and the acting is very good. It has a few errors and I wasn’t too fond of the censoring of the Nazi logo in exchange for a different logo entirely. I understand some people don’t want to accidentally up-sell Nazi Germany, but I don’t think censoring history is the way to go. Other than that and a couple of other small gripes, it was Sher Gut!

4 out of 5.

Castle Rock Series Review


Today we’re going to look at the JJ Abrams produced Castle Rock for HULU. Castle Rock is named after a town in a lot of Stephen King novels. So is Castle Rock worthy of being part of Stephen King’s world? We will find out.


The plot focuses around a young black man, who is being raised by white parents in Castle Rock, Maine. One day he goes missing and is later found on the lake without hypothermia or any frostbite, he might even be the potential killer of his adopted father. In typical Stephen King fashion, none of this is truly as it seems and ultimately it leads to a weird ending.


The best developed character happens to be the main lead, who is super fantastic. The rest of the cast is pretty decent. Only two characters really seem to stand out besides the main character, those are the adoptive mother and the weird mute prisoner.


Style is decent, doesn’t really strayed too much from typical television fare at the moment, but otherwise, it is fine.


Very good, nothing seems awkward and everything seems genuine, even in a story about the supernatural.


Castle Rock is not your typical scary show, if anything it is more reminiscent of the X-Files in the 90s. Sadly it’s not as interesting or engaging as the X-Files was, but it has potential here and there. If you are looking for straight up scary, this is not it. This is tension building up until the final moments which you may find intriguing. I personally do not like any of this whatsoever. Occasionally there is an interesting aspect but it’s only cringe, never really scary. I love all the Easter eggs to Stephen King stories but ultimately none of that is really worthwhile if you have to sit through a show this painful to watch. I find that this show is always pretty bland when it could be a lot more intriguing and I don’t see myself watching any more seasons. I think you will feel the same way too. Should you find yourself wanting to watch this, feel free to, but otherwise I give it a :

3 out of 5 stars