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Pico De Gallo

Kage doesn’t always post food, but when he does, hopefully it is epic. Pico De Gallo is epic! I cannot ever recall trying this in my youth, but I’m glad I finally got around to it!

Doesn’t look like much, but es is muy benuo!


Chopped tomatoes

Chopped Jelepeno

Lime juice

Cilantro chopped

Lime juice

Onions. I used purple. White is traditionally used, though.

Green peppers.

Optional is garlic and some salt.

Let settle for 10 mins or so.

I didn’t include amounts, given you need to go with personal taste when you cook and keep in mind the amount of people you are going to serve.

FLAVOR: Last time I tried something new that was this epic was Mikey Chen’s of Strictly Dumplings Chinese chili oil. I’m still trying to perfect my version of his oil.

Normally, cilantro has a bit of a soap taste to me, but when prepared right, like Pho, it’s magical. In this, it mixes with the other flavors and takes on a lavender/minty profile the lime kicks in and ups it to a sweet/citrus profile and then the jelepeno kicks, making you cough like a rookie smoker. Very Interesting experience. I personally do not think that onion adds much, nor do I think extra green pepper was necessary. I made Carne Con Queaso tacos with it in a traditional style. They meld very well together. Worth trying!

Would recommend not using salsa with it, though. Best taco I ever made.

5 out of 5