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Pico De Gallo

Kage doesn’t always post food, but when he does, hopefully it is epic. Pico De Gallo is epic! I cannot ever recall trying this in my youth, but I’m glad I finally got around to it!

Doesn’t look like much, but es is muy benuo!


Chopped tomatoes

Chopped Jelepeno

Lime juice

Cilantro chopped

Lime juice

Onions. I used purple. White is traditionally used, though.

Green peppers.

Optional is garlic and some salt.

Let settle for 10 mins or so.

I didn’t include amounts, given you need to go with personal taste when you cook and keep in mind the amount of people you are going to serve.

FLAVOR: Last time I tried something new that was this epic was Mikey Chen’s of Strictly Dumplings Chinese chili oil. I’m still trying to perfect my version of his oil.

Normally, cilantro has a bit of a soap taste to me, but when prepared right, like Pho, it’s magical. In this, it mixes with the other flavors and takes on a lavender/minty profile the lime kicks in and ups it to a sweet/citrus profile and then the jelepeno kicks, making you cough like a rookie smoker. Very Interesting experience. I personally do not think that onion adds much, nor do I think extra green pepper was necessary. I made Carne Con Queaso tacos with it in a traditional style. They meld very well together. Worth trying!

Would recommend not using salsa with it, though. Best taco I ever made.

5 out of 5

Epic Jalapenos Poppers

     So, I wish I could take credit for these, because they were awesome, but I cannot. My sister made these and I’m sharing them right here.

     Epic Jalapenos Poppers (Yields as many as you can make.)

     1. Take Jalapenos and slice top down. Making wedge shaped halves.

     2. In bowl, mix Cream Cheese and a sprinkle cheese(Your choice.)

     3. Wrap the Jalapenos in Pillsbury Croissant dough

     4. Deep fry until golden brown and soft.