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Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Sung to the Captain Planet theme. Lyrics re-imagined by Kage Fraud! Unemployment! Living Wage! Climate Change! Heart! Go Sanders! By your votes combined I am President Sanders! President Sanders, he’s a hero, Gonna take Republicans down to zero, He’s your power, magnified. And he’s fighting on the socialist side President Sanders, he’s a hero, Gonna take rich people […]

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MonoBlack Control in Modern. 1.1

I’ve been working on this deck for about a year now. It is mono black control, done cheap and brutal. The trick is to rip apart the win-cons of other decks as fast as possible, leaving them nothing to beat you with. It works against any deck that isn’t packing Leyline of Sanctity. It is fun and cheap.

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Best in Your Girl: The Novel.

Chapter One      The glass on the den windows vibrated from the strong winds pounding against it with an intensity reminiscent of a starship pulling out of warp speed and just barely colliding with an asteroid A powerful thud, but unscathed.      I reached out and grabbed the large black remote from the coffee table turned on the television, pushing my way […]

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Kickstart my Heart.

     It is that time of year, when men everywhere forget to make plans for that romantic getaway, woman weep because they’re single and I can buy a large box of chocolates for $45.00 that only comes with one piece of candy that I like and about 35 pieces that I do not like, which taste no better than a common […]