In favor of the Universal Basic Income

  The economy is an ecosystem, as with any ecosystem, is has it rules and all different types of organism, each with their own set of rules. The rules that govern humans do not work for social programs of most types, as they might be in direct violation of an individual’s personality or a person genetics might impede them form gaining such. The only way to fix this is to look at the Universal Basic Income as a way to impede human nature from harming innocents and causing a rift between leftist and conservatives alike.

Generational Gaps in Thought

INTRODUCTION      What can be said about generations that hasn’t already been made up, through random samples, by people who lack a degree in any science, never mind sociology? That is what we’re going to attempt to explore in this essay… Read More ›

Quid Pro Quo: College and Cost

College is worthless to a certain segment of people. Whom are these rouge few that do not need to be encumbered by college debt? People who have higher intelligence that is who!

Twitter Dee and Twitter Dumb

Twitter has a real problem and no, I don’t mean the fact it is the only social media company that cannot make money.  I started an account for @Bestinyourgirl back in 2014 with the desire to build it up for… Read More ›