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Against Pornography (NSFW)

Five years ago I wrote a piece called In Defense of Pornography which I still stand by and think was a decent piece, but I’ve been thinking again about porno in general and have an interesting angle that I want to share, which is, if you have a thing for a certain porn star and you jack off to her get jackhammered nine ways from Sunday, aren’t you technically a cuckhold?

So hear me out on this before you decide to stop reading, but I don’t think there is a big difference. One could argue that you’re a voyeur and just happened a long a hot chick getting fucked and since you’re nowhere in a position to fuck her by yourself, nor would you want to share a chick with another guy, so you watch and just have yourself a merry little wank. That is fair enough and maybe that was true back in the early days of men watching porn, but nowadays, when men are lining up at conventions to meet and greet their favorite onscreen fuck toy and buy replica cunts from Fleshlight, along with buying DVD after DVD of said chick getting fucked constantly by all different types of men, while you stroke your tiny dick, which seems very cuckholdy of “men.”

Now if you’re an adolescent, you can be forgiven for such behavior, because 1. You’re a teenager and not every girl in school is putting out. 2. Sometimes you just need to let one out. 3. You’re young with zero odds of fucking your favorite porn star until you’re 18 in this industry. Any man past their early 20’s, cushion room for you late bloomers, should be ashamed if you collect pornstar stuff like a scrawny Japanese kid collects anime. I’m not saying you have to get into porn to fuck your favorite porn star or even marry them, but I think at some point it is time to hang it up and say, enough is enough, I am going to get gash instead of porn. I watched porn online as a teen, clicking the yes button to being 18 when I wasn’t or typing shaved pussy into Google and looking that way. As I got to the age of 18, I pretty much stopped looking much outside of the occasional view when I am drunk as fuck and going out would be a bad idea, over staying in and having a wank and I don’t regret it one bit. I understand porn stars have to make money obviously, so I’m not saying you couldn’t buy the odd PPV showing of In Diana Jones or Shaving Ryan’s Privates, two classic comedy titles of cinema, but you have to admit there isn’t a big world of difference between being a cuckhold and being a major consumer of pornography. I mean, both are very passive acts, which isn’t masculine. Either one encourage reproductive success, even if you don’t want kids, the libido still wants to. Everything about too much porn seems to concur with my assessment.

When it comes to the real world, one could argue that an alpha male doesn’t exist and everyone is enjoying someone else’s sloppy seconds and I highly disagree for three major reasons. 1. Woman who have had more male partners without reproductive success, boost your male virility up if you’re the one to impregnate them. 2. Not being the one to bear the reproductive cost of another man’s reproductive success is the complete opposite of cuckoldry. So even if she has a boyfriend or husband, you’re not wife swapping or sharing in essence, you’re the cucker, because you’re the one going for reproductive success in the arena. 3. It’s not like you’re going in 10 seconds after another man was already there.

So at least from my perspective, I personally think, too much porn does indeed a cuckhold make and men should look towards toning down their annual consumption, because in my mind, this


might as well be this.


Sweet Home Alabama

Alabama is currently in the news this week for pushing a law that severely restricts abortions. Now, philosophically, we can argue all day about abortion and when it constitutes a life, which is has to at some point, given that fact it is born. That said, Alabama is setting a dangerous precedence for men, more so than woman. The whole argument on abortion is that woman have sovereignty over their bodies, which was laid down by the Supreme Court back in the 70’s with ROE v WADE. The concept of the supreme court saying “Yes, people have carte blanche” over their bodies is not frivolous and needs to be respected as case law and not being overturned by the states, especially in a decade when the drug war looks like it could start to end.

If woman don’t have control over their bodies, what about us men? It’s even more than just control over our bodies, it is the fact that the government is now, yet again, trying to gain access to what we do and don’t do inside our own homes with the miscarriage aspect of the law. If a woman is unaware of being pregnant and she lifted a television, resulting in said miscarriage, she is responsible for murder. The absurdity of being restricted in your own home by the government is not an idea worth considering, rather, it should be seen the bullshit overreach of inept human beings with more free time on their hands than brains. Most politicians aren’t exactly the most brilliant of people, I mean, just look at the groups that vote them into power for criss sakes! Why? Because idiots like people “like them” and human hubris makes uneducated yokels think they’re experts on subjects more than they actually are, or as it is scientifically referred to, the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Now I want to make sure I am one record here as saying that I think an amendment needs to be added to the bill of rights, stating explicitly that humans have the right to their own bodies and congress shall pass no law restricting one to make personal choices over our own body. This would be great, as it would instantly nullify the drug war, give woman control over their bodies as well as men, allow for government to never be able to say, I can’t stick it in a chicks ass or even more importantly, just the right to be free in my own domain and make the choices I am allowed to make inside my own castle, because regardless of if you’re prochoice or not or pro woman or not, your property is ultimately yours and this law gives the government over reach in regards to everything, including our guns and what good is a castle doctrine if another “king” can have say over my throne?

What Giving Up TV and Video Games for 7 years, taught me.

     The year is 2011, I’m twenty-five years old and I am absolutely sick and tired of media and consuming it. Every other movie is a remake, every other video game is a sequel or update and television is filled with even worse television than some of the stuff I imbibed as a child growing up in the 1990’s. What is a person to do when you’re bored with the same claptrap day in, day out, year after year? You give it all up and see what happens.

     First, lets put it all out there so that we know what led into this, since it wasn’t just waking up one day and quitting. The last video game I chose to play was Modern Warfare 2, I bought a used copy of Skyrim in 2013 and beta tested The Elder Scrolls online. Before Modern Warfare 2, I had bought was MLB 2k6 in 2007, when I was 21. I finished Elder Scrolls 4 in 2011, five years after it was released, one winter, whilst having a few beers. I rented Ghostbusters: The Video Game and loved it! Gears of War was also the last series I found intriguing.

     These are all major gaps in my video game history, as an adult. So already, as I was getting older, I was moving away from video games as they were just a waste of time, constantly the same thing they yielded nothing in return. Basically, video games were a slightly healthier version of cigarettes.

     Next came television, which started at about 20. I never watched much past 18 and when I did, it was Monday Night Raw or Smackdown as well as the news. I watched the first season of Lost in 2004 and said screw this, it wasn’t good enough to keep me watching. Part of that was the poorly done, lack of tying up loose ends at the end of the season. I tried the first season of The Walking Dead and said the same thing, for similar reasons. I did find myself enjoying How I Met your Mother, but little else that I hadn’t already liked as a child or teenager.

     Movies, the last one I saw prior to Star Wars The Force Awakens was the remake of A Nightmare on Elm St , before that, The Dark Knight, Toy Story 1 and 2 3D and Friday the 13th remake, Clerks 2, Superman Returns preceded by Revenge of the Sith.

     As you can see, my desire to consume media was waning and the older I got, the more it thinned out into a watery clearness, like a glass of wine. So it wasn’t like I just got sick and tired one day, it was a long journey and the build up to freedom.

     First thing, I went back to writing a lot more like when I was a child and teenager. I quadrupled my book buys and had a lot more to discover new enjoyment. I exercised, gain weight, lost weight, gained again and lost again, and will lose weight one more time. I rode my bike again, something I hadn’t been able to do since I was a child, since we lived in areas were doing so was tough. I ended up giving my bike to a homeless man, who needed it to get to and from work and he thanked me with a hug. I brushed up my skills on middle school Spanish and learned German as well. I’m currently planning to learn three more at the very least, plus sign language. I finished multiple novels and Pre-Crime, as well as starting, along with exercising my right to dissent against local politicians and making their lives an outright living hell, for their ineptitude.

     I accidentally started smoking in 2011 around the same time and actually drinking, but those are going to be easy to extirpate from my life. Well, maybe not booze entirely, but cigarettes, absolutely. Life has been really, really good in what I have been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time, within the last seven years.

     I have since decided to give some entertainment a try, after a long time away, but I don’t miss it and I am very selective on what I am willing to waste my time on. I rarely watch Netflix, but will visit the movies, I play some games from my youth, but could see myself adopting Virtual Reality games when they get more honed and I don’t think I will bother much with traditional television ever again.

     I think the journey was one of the more interesting undertakings I have ever done and would do so again in a heartbeat. You can learn so much more about yourself and I always favored a more active style in what I do as opposed to passively sitting there watching one more crap movie, one more crap show, play one more crap video game just to not even have the energy to review it, because it sucked your soul out, like a dementor at Hogwarts.

     I’m not saying what I did was right for everyone, but if you’re so inclined to give it a go, I would highly recommend it, as I think you’ll find so much more pleasure away from the mindless monotony of zombified entertainment.

Quid Pro Quo: College and Cost

     College is worthless to a certain segment of people. Whom are these rouge few that do not need to be encumbered by college debt? People who have higher intelligence that is who!

     Why would I say people with higher intellects do not need to peruse college when they are the ones who will benefit the most? The answer lies in supply and demand. Intelligent people do not need college when they are all Mensa level of intelligence. You, the country, the employers, the private sector need the higher intelligence, they do no need your frivolity, your debt or your rules.

     Supply and demand is the core tenet of entrepreneurship. In the case of college, Demand for intelligence is at an all-time high and the supply is really low. So, what is a country to do? They attempt to circumvent the rigors of attaining a college education with an egalitarian ideal that college is for everyone, but the reality is that college is not for everyone. College is, has and always will be for the highest echelon of our humanity, the highly intelligent. These are the ones that create the computers we type on, they cure the diseases that God cannot, they do the arithmetic that gets us to Mars and they fill our lives with interest by expressing interesting theoretical concepts.

     If these people are so necessary to our lives, why do we charge them for the privilege our bettering our country? Surely, we should be offering them something, should we not?

     Well, some old people think the youth owes them a free ride, we call these entitle waste of flesh and oxygen, baby boomers. Are all of them this communistic and entitled? No, just the majority. They attempt to propagandize the youth with appeals to emotion, jingoistic slogans and attempted mandates through the first 12 years of education and fail miserably to entice the right people, because a higher intelligent person is a thinker and a thinker will not be swayed by fallacies.

     What is the country to do about this? Well, we could go back to when the college degree meant something, by making it harder to obtain, but due to baby boomer entitlement and the idea that everyone is equal, we have destroyed the traditional four year degree. It no longer has scarcity principal, thus it is no longer of massive value, nor does it give the higher intelligence among us and edge anymore.

     How do we solve this issue? We can either cancel all degrees, allowing us to start anew, which, even if the recipient of the degree is not an Einstein, he or she still earned the degree, thus, is not a fair way to go about fixing the system.

     The other solution is to restructure the school system. Given that our culture likes to keep the youth in a perpetual state of childhood for far longer, which is partially a byproduct of the ever expanding life of the average human, we should look to turning the four year, into a new version of high school, and make it “free”.

     Wouldn’t that just cause the same dilemma? No, because graduate school would become the new college. A masters and Ph.D. cannot just be had by any tom, dick or harry. They have higher scruples for obtaining those, like the four year used to have. Fewer people will have them, thus those people will have greater value and be able to get more out of life.

     Your next question is probably, but wouldn’t that smarter people have to pay for it and you said they shouldn’t have to. Yes, I did say smarter people shouldn’t have to pay for college, because they have a higher I.Q. and supply and demand makes them the commodity, ergo, they should be able to sell what they have, to those that need it. That said, by bringing back scarcity principal, those with higher intelligence would be able to invest in themselves or find a way to pay for a Ph.D. through have greater offers of money thrown at them, since very few people would be able to obtain such a high level of intellectual achievement. If there is one thing we can all agree on, it that a MD, Masters or Ph.D. is not for everyone, especially because you don’t want the person who can barely spell pickle at McDonald’s, to operate on you.

     I do think that M.D. degrees should not be paid for by those who are able to do that job, because they will pass the cost of such onto the consumer, in typical business fashion and is one of the many reasons that medical cost are so high. Not everyone working in that field is making a lot of money. The price commanded by surgeons only comes through specialization, like oncology, proctology or the like, which has, you guessed it, scarcity principal attached to it and by the excessive amount of experience attached to them, in order to even get the degree in the first place. Your average registered nurse, in some municipals, will pay less than a couple grand for his or her training.

     This brings me to my next point, how it will bring down cost in terms of medical for all. Medical is obviously very expensive, otherwise we wouldn’t have public intellectuals opining about how we should make it free. I’ve already pointed out that extirpating the cost of the M.D. would add one less burden onto the load that is the medical debacle. The next step would be medical technology and producing more and better products, working towards reducing cost. One of the axioms that governs technological advances is that it doubles every two years. If you’re about my age, you will remember the bit wars of the late 80’s and early 90’s, where each company was being braggadocious about their hardware being 16, 32 and 64 bits of pure gaming bliss. If you notice, 32 is 16 doubled and 64 is 32 doubled. At present, an Xbox One and a PlayStation 4 would be considered 256 bits, if the gaming industry still used the terminology.

     Now, I could get an Atari, made in 1972, before it gained in value due to nostalgia, scarcity and being retro cool, for about 10 bucks, only twenty years after its release. Yet, we’re over 100 years since the creation of the X-ray and it still cost thousands of dollars. The reason for this is partially because, unlike normal technology, there is not enough people in the world to produce this technology, causing it to double the power and which would help to alleviate the price of your mundane medical test, like an X-ray.

     Allow me to encapsulate as follows, intelligence in our society is a commodity. Making intelligent people pay for college is only going to cost us in the long run. The four year has run its course and now worthless and must be replaced with a higher tier in order to make college worthwhile again. Medical, being a necessity, cannot force debt on the few who can do such a task, as that will inflate cost for routine test. Turning the four year into the new high school diploma, will result in focusing on important degrees and getting the right people placed into these fields, which will cause trickle intellecualnomics, resulting in a net benefit for humanity.

     The future is in restructuring the system.

Boys 2 Men: Sexual Socialism and you!

 I’m tired of weak ass niggas whinin over puss
That don’t belong to them, fuck is wrong with them?
They fuck it up for real niggas like my mans and them
Who get it on on the strength of the hands with them, MAN-DMX

     I’m a misogynist! Granted, not in the traditional sense of the word, but the modern evolution of the term. It used to mean “Hate” of females, with the opposite being misandrist. In modern America, it seems to be a carnality in regards to woman. What can I say, I like tits, pussy and ass and make no qualms on my desire to visually quaff the beauty that is the female form. Albeit, When it comes to hate though, I have plenty reserved but it isn’t based on genitals, skin color or otherwise. I’m misanthropic, which is the antonym of philanthropist. I’m not very fond of our species and I find myself having to sort through the bullshit of your average troglodyte on a daily basis. I can claim no special omniscience, even though I can be perceived that way. I merely pay attention, imbibe on the libations that are the words of intelligent authors before myself and through due diligence of thinking, fact checking or more, to the best of my ability, be able to draw a conclusion with what is available.

     What I don’t tend to understand is this weird return to a time when “adult men” were waited on, hand and foot, by a woman, simply because. There is something emotionally stunted with it and I cannot wrap my mind around being ok with the equivalent of a mother, whom is also my sex partner. Never mind Freud and psychoanalysis on such, just the very idea that impinges on the fabric of my being.

     I know I’m being judgmental here and I am ok with that, in fact, that is my desire, to judge thusly those imbecilic, vacuous and insipid “humans” that are into this inane idea of perpetual adolescent and a weird Oedipus complex they need to work out with a shrink.

     Now, anyone who wishes to work out whatever arrangement they desire, is ultimately up to them. I’m not one to talk, because a lot of what I enjoy could be taken out of context. Here though, that isn’t what I am doing. It is the idea, concept, and through having listened to braindead people who enjoy this abject bullshit.

     Men and woman were always meant to be a team, working together, not a child with a mommy watching over the dullard. I believe that toxic masculinity is a positive thing. A man being independent, educated, pulling ones weight on the team and ultimately bringing something to the table is a must. The same must go for woman, because what good is a childlike woman for an independent man?

     Now, I write this in part, due to the insanity of InCels in the modern age. The repugnant concept that anything but natural selection will do is beyond me and incomprehensible to a thinking brain, which, if you’re reading this, you most likely are! The pedestrian brick a brac of internet troll dwellings are strung with vitriolic attacks about woman owing this idiots some gash, is enough to consider forcible sterilization at best and turning them into eunuchs at worst. The entitlement is strong and attacks at “Chads” and “Stacy” types spills across the digital landscape with the same vigor as an impotent, spurting a tad bit pre-cum, overly excited that his penis is slightly functional still.

     I have never had an issue with getting some pussy when I want some. It is quite simple, yet this pariahs complain and complain, never taking personal responsibility for themselves, and bitch that the government should give them free cunt. What in the great blue fuck, is all I can muster at these types! Sexual socialism and the redistribution of pussy. Even a double face palm is an understatement in an attempt at expression of unbearable dismay.

     Now, while I undoubtedly believe that prostitution should be legal, since a woman has the right to sell what she can give away for free and putting woman in jail for it is absurd. What I cannot agree to government subsidized sexual deviancy, in regards to woman being given to men, because they cannot get vagina themselves. Not only would we be allowing horrible genetics to breed itself into society, continuing to damn the genepool with inferior specimen, but we’re not teaching them how to be self-sufficient adults.

     These morons lack the capacity to be self-critical and reflect in order to do better in the world. It is always someone else’s fault. Now, I know some InCel men critique their looks and obsess about it like a woman looking at her thighs in a mirror, after a slice of pizza, because God forbid they indulge in a decant treat, least the bottom of the barrel cuckhold no longer wants to stick his microdick in her twat for copulatory actions.

     When I was a child, my middle-school was rife with sexual assault. I favored older woman, anyways, not prepubescent girls. Regardless, I didn’t indulge myself in such cuckoldry. Men are born to be douchebags, it gets us tang and I brazen do whatever it takes to enjoy the fruit of her loins, but Sexual assault is the hallmark of inferior genetics, using such as a reproductive strategy in an attempt to sire more progeny that will go on to cuck the species through horrible violent, entitle outburst at the hands of InCel tyranny as they attempt to install a patriarchy of TIMMAYS and engage in, what Nabokov called in Lolita, a parody of incest.

     Unlike the beta bitch of yore, this type was excessively groomed from day one to grow up to be the entitled little cock sucking faggots they are. The big bad world showed them they aren’t special little fuckers and they’re pissed about their overall banality. Unlike the old beta bitches, they’re also aggressive and will kill innocents over their lack of penile penetration into hot, juicy, cunt. Hey, don’t fret, you can always fuck a piece of lasagna, not like they could tell the difference anyways.

     One of the worst things is the intensity of the hatred for woman doing anything sexual at all and the queer ideas these ignorant assholes come up with. The idea that every woman is getting gang-fucked by 10 to 15 chads. If they are, kudos to those woman for being able to get their boxes fucked out like that and still make it into work the next day. It should be common knowledge by now that men who think every chick is having porn star style sex is normally of a lower I.Q. strata. Also, woman are very unlikely to be into such, since it would be bad reproduction strategy for them.

     Speaking of horrible reproduction strategies, the idea that woman are out their seeking polygamous lifestyles. This couldn’t be further from the truth and here is why: woman look for a man who is fit for reproduction. During times of income inequity, woman will seek out whom are superior, but the difference is, smarter woman, will be more likely to share a man with other woman, because it makes more sense for them to allow a man to have more partners than it does for him to bugger the fuck off. Given the average I.Q. regardless of sex, race or anything else is about 100, I highly doubt too many of these woman are making mini Huge Heffner’s out of the local chads, even once they get a taste of that sexy, sexy chad spunk. Mmmmm, Chris Hemsworth!*Homer Simpson drool* I digress, but a slight interjection on Thor’s huskiness was much needed. That said, those saying that return to more monogamous ways will end the bullshit with Incels, because then woman will have to settle for one of them, settle down and just like yesteryear, all will be good. Except for one thing, we still live in a predominately monogamous society, there isn’t a million wannabe Hue Heffners with harems out there and such a feat will be few and far between.

     Perhaps maybe the reasons these guys don’t get laid is just a blatant and horrible ignorance to the females of our species? I don’t know, but accusing every chick of being a Friday night episode of Debbie Does Dallas on isn’t really a way to get your nuts off. Maybe try treating them like people that would be a start too! Also, the THOT shit as denigration for wearing a dress and man-spreading herself is dumb. It is simple jealously of being more secure in their sexuality. If you’re a woman and want to show off ya twat, please do! No amount of pussy ever gets old! In fact, I encourage topless’ on the beach or anything else that will trigger these abnormal snowflakes into hysterical fits of rage quitting on Reddit and other websites. Just do it for the lulz!

Social Credit and Politics

Social Credit

   Ever since I was a young man, I desired to see a better overall system when it came to politics. One that couldn’t be abuse, didn’t impact the lives of innocents because of low information voters and were we didn’t have to argue for the better part of a decade to see gay marriage legalized. I envision a world of objective value placed on an individual’s actions and where saying “Yee-Haw” like Howard Dean did during the 2004 election, didn’t disqualify you, because of your passion on stage. Fast forward to 2018 and China is implementing a system that is roughly what I had conceived in my own mind, a social credit score. While a lot of people are visible upset, siting its Orwellian nature, I submit to you that it isn’t a fascist system, but just typical human nature, now give a quantified score, objectively, instead of being based in subjective criteria. While some tweaks would be needed, since I don’t think someone’s Twitter account should destroy them or bar them, I know for a fact that it would be a far greater system overall as it has been the American system for decades. Consider this, a felony wrap makes it harder to get jobs, because most felonies are harden and horrible crimes, think rape or murder. Someone is put into prison and serves out their sentence and then is, sometimes, allowed back into the general populace. In school, when you did something bad, you got detention, same thing as doing time, but on a lesser scale. People choose not to fraternize with people they don’t like, we all do it, on both sides, as we’re just not going to get along with everyone we meet and that is ok.

   Now, while I don’t think a prisoner that has served his time should be able to kick back and collect a government check by being unemployable, I do think they should be restricted to the jobs they’re ultimately allowed to have. Who wants a rapist serving food, when they could be doing blue collar labor?

    The sex offender registry is already similar to the social currency that China is using as well. Any candidate for a school job is background checked to ensure you’re not hiring felons. Woman even choose the mates they want to breed with through a social desirability system. So why not have a social credit score that could do the same thing for politics?

    Here is how it would look, we phase out voting and institute a credit ranking. The ranking is reflective on hard work you’ve put into your community. You send evidence into an objective body, like if you posted a pic of helping the homeless at a soup kitchen on Facebook. Instead of likes, you get points and those points give you access to further help your community by becoming a politician. The position you gained is based on what you do, local, nationally, federally. So let’s say you’re like Corey Booker and you ran into a fire to save a civilian, risking your life would garner you something like a million points. Who does that in today’s day and age? That is deserving of representing our country at a higher stage. Now, if you just picked up litter and helped the homeless in your municipal, which at best, would allow you to be city councilor. No different from work, school or life, you’re going to get out what effort you put in and rewarded, justly for your effort. Aggressive pursuit of the goals of helping, genuinely, benefits more involved than just straight politicking. No more minor scandals would matter, just Twitter is just that, Twitter. Anyone of any background could be elected.

    Imagine how this could work in other fields, where a porn star could retire and work a quiet job without being chided for his or her past. The objectivity of such could revolutionize the world and strengthen our country.

    Now, my idea isn’t without flaws, as there would have to be new safe guards in place to protect citizens. There would have to be a better way to create and remove law. Social conservatism would need to be prevented, so no rouges could jack the system and prevent things like Roe v Wade, Gay marriage or anything else for that matter from being overturned.

    Life could get on and we could all start living our lives. No more political bickering, no more stupid boycott hashtags, no more human bias against people of color, sexuality or otherwise. No victim-hood about being kept down by fake archys of any kind. Truly the best candidates would shine through and be able to get out of life what they put in. While not perfect at the moment,a world steeped in objectivity, fact and most importantly, merit, is in my mind, to borrow from TED talks, and idea worth sharing.