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Ramen Noodles and Me

I’ve loved Ramen Noodles since I was teenager. They’re quick to make, cheap and readily available. Too bad the sodium packet they came with caused me issues. Too much of one of my favorite things would spike my blood pressure. So Ramen was something I had to give up for a while. Now I’m back in the swing of things […]

Food 2

Epic Jalapenos Poppers

     So, I wish I could take credit for these, because they were awesome, but I cannot. My sister made these and I’m sharing them right here.      Epic Jalapenos Poppers (Yields as many as you can make.)      1. Take Jalapenos and slice top down. Making wedge shaped halves.      2. In bowl, mix Cream Cheese and a sprinkle cheese(Your choice.)      3. Wrap […]