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Oh, my God;Did you see that Adam Lambert just admitted he is gay? I don’t believe it.

So ends another vapid exchange between two lesser beings, also known as American Idol fans(I apologize to my great friend, who happens to be smarter then the average American Idol fan, but still enjoys the show.)

America needs to get over its gay obsession. Guess what? gay’s are not new, they have been around as long as humans have. Stop pretending like they are the new toy you just got for Christmas, and awing over them.

I had to check the calender today to see if it was 2009 or 1996…you see, thirteen years ago, a celebrity–hell, anyone really–coming out the closet might have been a major shocker. Now its old hat.

Oh my God, did you know [insert celebrity name here] is gay? The right response to this question is “Who gives a fuck?”

Hey, did you know so and so is straight? That might be more of a surprise in a nation is that slowly becoming gayer and gayer.

Hell, this country seems to have such an obsession with gays that Sometimes we know you’re gay before you even do.

Hey America! If you love gays so much, why don’t you marry them? Oh, thats right, because we’re still a nation of homophobes. Our obsession with gays is more that of an anthroplogist, studying the tribe.

“The gays, they act like real people…astonishing!” “They feel, just like us.”

What an incredible discovery we made;Gays are human, go figure?

and enough with this bullshit phrase “I came out of the closet” it is so cliche. So many gay people “come out” of it on such a daily basis, that one has to wonder; is it a closet or a fucking clown car?

Gay’s and Clowns have a lot in common;both wear obscene amounts of glitter and make up, both are bedecked in outrageous outfits and apparently you can fit shit loads of them into small, dark, tight spaces.

Thats right, I just compared homosexuals to clowns, get the fuck over it.

We need to go back to don’t ask, don’t tell. Because who you fuck is none of my goddamn fucking business. How is knowing the EMT–who is saving your life– takes it in the ass on a nightly basis from his boyfriend going to change who he is as a techinican? So long as he is compentat at what he does, that is all that matters.

No more “gay pride” prades. Guess what? The majority of Americans couldn’t care less you’re here, you’re queer and you’re proud. What I give a shit about is that your fucking parade is holding up traffic.

I’ll vote agasint gay marrige, just on the fact you made me 15 minutes late to my goddamn appoitment.

Another thing, stop comparing this “gay rights” bullshit to the civilrights movment of the 60’s. They are not one and the same thing.

You didn’t see headlines in the 60’s read “Louie Armstrong says “I’m black” did you? It must of been a real shocker when Sammy Davis Jr came out as well.

“Boo hoo, we can’t marry” How would you like a special bubbler(water fountain) that says “Gay use only”?

Oh, thats right, we don’t segerate strights and homo’s, do we? and even if we did, it isn’t as if you could hide it like the blacks could hide there skin color, right?

“but people shouldn’t have to hide who they are” blah blah blah, SHUT IT! The world isn’t perfect, it is the way it is, and you have to make the most out of your life with what you’re delt.

You don’t see me running around yelling out how stright I am, do you?

Do I hog up traffic with stright pride prades, marching giant plaster of paris vaginas up and down the street to show the world how much I love pussy, do you?

Why is that? Because no one gives a shit.

You decide to “come out” you deal with the reactions you get. Its like yelling “fire” in a crowded building,there is going to be a reaction.

I guess what I really wanted to say is this: Being gay is no longer news;stop wasting ink and trees on how the next American Idol winner is queer. Because no one really gives a shit…except for the tweengirls whose hearts you just crushed because the Backstreet Boys are fags.

Well, thats the end of this lengthy diatribe;so much more I want to say, but maybe I’ll save it for a extended version or a part two.

Clingy Bitches (2008)

If there is one thing that I have noticed in my time on the internet, its stupid fucking bitches who update their MySpace status, or their away messages with comments like “I miss my man”, “I miss my boo” or “I miss[insert dumb fucking pet name]” News flash, I don’t give a shit. I also bet your man don’t appreciate his girlfriend making him out to look like some pansy ass mother fucker.

You know those woman, the ones whose “man” just pulled out the the drive way and they all ready “miss him” These are the woman that need constant attention from their man, and if they don’t get it, they become depressed and their life is meaningless, because they’re emotionally ruined from past experiences. Maybe their daddy left them when they where young, or they been cheated on. The ones that no man seems to want and when they finally dupe someone to give them a chance, they do whatever they can to keep them. They do everything, from whining to emotional blackmail. They run the gumat on ways to make you stay with them.

Another observation I have noticed about these woman, is that they normally fall into one of the following catorgories. Fat, Ugly, Crazy or Slut, altough not always so. Some, presumably normal, woman can be this way as well, but the majority fit into one of the four above mentioned slots, and sometimes all of them.

When you look at the kinds of people these woman are, it’s no wonder they are this way. Why? Cause they are all insecure and have low self esteem. They will usually like anyone who gives them the time of day and is nice to them.

Another thing to note is these types of woman are usually frequenting “internet dating sites” This isn’t to say all woman on internet dating sites are like this either, quite the contrary, I have met at least one level headed girl in my online journeys who is smart, funny, intelligent and anything but the kind of woman I describe. She knows who she is too.

Now men, if you should ever find yourself in the company of a woman like this, or maybe you are dating one all ready, my advice to you is to run while you still can. Trust me, in the long run you will be much happier.

Woman, if you are like the above mention, KILL YOURSELF! Do the world a favor and just end it all ready, seriously. No one wants you to begin with, and you’re just sad and pathetic by trying to hold on to something, or someone who doesn’t want to be there. Trust me, you will be happier.

For the rest of you who miss your man, but do it normally “I.E.” you don’t feel a need to share it with us, I want you to know that’s OK. Its normal to miss a loved one, but not the way most these woman miss their man.

Now, it should be noted that this diatribe is not an attack on anyone in particular, but rather an attack on a “Sub-Culture” of woman, if you will. It should also be noted that woman are NOT the only ones who can be like this. Men can too, and if you’re a man reading this and are like what I have described, you too should end it now.

Woman riled up over fat princess in video game (2008)

nk to the article:

Woman need to get over the fact that they think they can’t be “fat” too.

A bunch of retarded feminist have launched complaints over a game called “Fat Princess” in which the objective of the game is to try and fatten up your princess with cake, so the opposing team then has to struggle to lift her and bring her back to their base. A capture the flag style game.

One group of female bloggers suggested re-editing the game to be about a treasure chest you fill with gold, instead of a fat chick you fill with cake.

Where is the fun in that though? This is kind of the video game version of “Big Bertha” you know, that arcade game where you have to toss balls in the fat woman’s mouth to win tickets?

Melissa McEwan told Sony she is “positively thrilled to see such unyielding dedication to creating a new generation of fat-hating, heteronormative —holes.”

Yes, because games create fat haters, just like GTA creates criminals, right? No no, it can’t be the way they are brought up, can it? We never stop and wonder if they are this way to begin with. No, we look for a scapegoat with which to place blame. Ms.McEwan, I have a secret for you…some people are just assholes.

Some people like fat woman. They are normally called “chubby chasers” and usually this is considered a “fetish” and some people just think fat woman are gross. Neither one is wrong, and who are we to tell them otherwise?

The greatest thing about free speech is that it shows you who the idiots are and who they aren’t. If they don’t like fat people then you know not to bother with them. If you agree and hate fat people, then you have a new set of friends.

Either way the BS of trying to make this country PC is fucking retarded. Stop being whiney babies and crying about how the game is going to do this and that. You don’t like it, don’t buy it. Encourage your friends not to buy it too. Wow, what a difficult concept to understand.

One game is NOT going to make a new generation of men who dislike fat woman, anymore then easy bake oven will make a generation of woman think the place they belong is in the kitchen. I reiterate that games won’t make men hate fat woman, the media does a good enough job of that all ready. 😉 lol

You need to get over it. People will always dislike people for the way they are. It’s the nature of the beast. Don’t expect everyone to like everyone else. It will never happen. Just go about your life and live it how you want. Pay no heed to the idiots who hate you because you’re fat. Because most people prob hate them because they’re stupid.

Link to the article:

7th Hell

     Reading about Stephen Collins and the molestation charges being thrown at him is making me think about a lot of things. Here we have a case of someone actually admitting to the crime, versus being accused of such.

     It would seem to me that this is pretty clear cut and dry and that something should be done, but Hollywood is a pretty weird business. So far, people want to see something done with this celebrity for having committed heinous act against a child. Yet, it wasn’t so long ago when Hollywood was defending Roman Polanski for the same offense. Many signed a petition, hoping for leniency against the offender. Roman fled the country to avoid prosecution for his crimes and his victim has even said she doesn’t want him charged.

      What if the same were to happen here? Is it ok to allow for a high profile case to again be thwarted by people who would otherwise try to prevent justice from taking course?

      I highly doubt Collins will be given the Polanski treatment. He isn’t a big enough star to have so many people come to his aid. Not to mention, Hollywood has been getting better in dealing with such cases as they come up. Collins has recently been fired from Ted 2 for such.

     Many celebrities have gone to prison, Phil Spector for instance and I expect the same to happen here if they are able to bring a case against him. Yet I suspect that, much like times in the past, this will be completely messed up and botched.

     One major theme I see going around, again, is that this is a man that many have taken at face value for being his character.

     They are called characters for a reason, folks. The resulting problem of such is proving that after years and years of advancement, we’re still stuck in the past and rehashing the same tired arguments about such and having the same conversations. Did he, didn’t he and what of it?

     I can understand that we as a nation have been known to jump the gun when it comes to child molestation and rape, in an attempt to make up for oversights of old, but realistically, isn’t it better to be scrupulous in our effort to uncover the truth about the individuals before we go on a witch hunt?

     This isn’t one of those cases. So far, the stories alleged that a task force has been dispatched to investigate, yet it seems like we could be doing more?

     I don’t think it’s hyperbole to recall the Michael Jackson cases, were it seemed as if he was guilty before he was even arrested and tried.

     With diligence, justice will win out and be served. When it is, we might just have to thank the patron saint of Justice himself, Batman, for forgiveness in not seeming so lax in our ire at this specific individual.