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  • 7th Hell

         Reading about Stephen Collins and the molestation charges being thrown at him is making me think about a lot of things. Here we have a case of someone actually admitting to the crime, versus being accused of such.      It would… Read More ›

  • He’s not the hero liberalism needs, he’s the one it deserves.

         Everyone see Batman vs Sam Harris? Unlike Batman V. Superman, it’s a lot more lackluster than the viral videos and treads want you to believe. In fact, it’s a non-versastion.      This trumped up bullshit was trending just a few days… Read More ›

  • Top 10 Reasons for Sex with Friends.

         a new study suggest a link between friendship and similar genetics. This isn’t actually new or out of the realm of plausibility. If you do a search for the major histocompatibility complex, you find that our mates often have dissimilar… Read More ›

  • Epic Jalapenos Poppers

         So, I wish I could take credit for these, because they were awesome, but I cannot. My sister made these and I’m sharing them right here.      Epic Jalapenos Poppers (Yields as many as you can make.)      1. Take Jalapenos and… Read More ›

  • The Art of Trolling and Motocycle Matinence.

         Trolling is an ancient art, passed on from Leet (1337 for the layman.) forum user to Leet forum user for eons, or circa 1997 A.D. whichever way you want to see it, it’s been around for a while and will… Read More ›


          I’ve had reason to suspect this website was a fraud for a while and I decided that I cannot allow such to go unnoticed, thus, I bit the bullet and rest assured, I got my evidence. Finally, I’ll be able… Read More ›