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  • is Horrible!

    I started multiple gigs on that are similar to things already allowed on the website. My third gig, was denied for copyright infringement because some third party claimed to own the act of reviewing. Here is my e-mail on… Read More ›

  • Kage’s Amendments to the US Constitution.

    Yes, I did rewrite the amendments to the constitution, thinking an updated version for a modern era was needed. Some are left intact and others altered as need be, but I also extrapolated onto them. Here they are!

  • Dare to Be Stupid

         Ultimately, we’re a social species and our main goal is almost always winning people over, no matter the area. The most major fear of not attempting to engage yourself in a favorite pastime is rejection. People don’t like to be… Read More ›

  • Is Darth Vader Alive?

    “There has been an awaking in the force, have you felt it?”-Snoke So, there is a fan theory going around about Snoke in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, being Darth Vader/Anakin. While a lot of people think that it is… Read More ›

  • Why the Empire is the Hero!

    What if I told you that the Empire in Star Wars, is, has and always will be the good guys of the saga? Staring in the prequel trilogy, we are thrown into a theocracy, that we’re to believe is the… Read More ›

  • Star Wars Ep. VII review

    Jar Jar would of been an overall improvement for this movie!