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Starwars sucks. There, I said it. I just commited the highest blasphemy in geek history. My cpu will be sent trojans (unforuntly not condoms, cause a Starwars fan has never known a womans touch) Dorks will camp outside my house for months just to get a chance to hit me with there plastic TOY sabers. The anti-christ will come forth […]

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Oh, my God;Did you see that Adam Lambert just admitted he is gay? I don’t believe it. So ends another vapid exchange between two lesser beings, also known as American Idol fans(I apologize to my great friend, who happens to be smarter then the average American Idol fan, but still enjoys the show.) America needs to get over its gay […]

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Clingy Bitches (2008)

If there is one thing that I have noticed in my time on the internet, its stupid fucking bitches who update their MySpace status, or their away messages with comments like “I miss my man”, “I miss my boo” or “I miss[insert dumb fucking pet name]” News flash, I don’t give a shit. I also bet your man don’t appreciate […]

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Kiddy Diddlers (2008)

(This is an old piece from an old blogger account I did under a pen name) Welcome to yet another installment of “The Diabolical Diatribe”, with your host, the always pissed off and angry William Jillette. Today we will be discussing one of the plagues of society, child molesters. What is a “Child Molester”? Well, a child molester is a […]