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College English 101 Essay (2013)

Kage Professor English 101 Essay Three Online 2 June 2013 From My Cold Dead Hand Addressing the Gun Debate in America Audience: Those unwilling to reason on gun control issues. Message: Gun regulation is not gun control. Purpose: To persuade those on the other side of the debate to lay down their arms, and work towards a solution to ending gun violence.

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Bernie Sanders is Hitler!

In order to understand what I am about to lay upon you, one has to have an understanding to how things were in the past. Ideology of old in the past, doesn’t mean it is currently seen the way it once was. Libertarianism, in the past, was once traditional conservatives. Oddly enough, in today’s epoch, it is now associated with […]

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Mandatory Welfare

I am willing to work two 40 hour a week jobs, just to keep you away from myself and others who cannot stand listening to the rubbish that flies out of your claptrap on a daily basis.