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Social Credit and Politics

Social Credit

   Ever since I was a young man, I desired to see a better overall system when it came to politics. One that couldn’t be abuse, didn’t impact the lives of innocents because of low information voters and were we didn’t have to argue for the better part of a decade to see gay marriage legalized. I envision a world of objective value placed on an individual’s actions and where saying “Yee-Haw” like Howard Dean did during the 2004 election, didn’t disqualify you, because of your passion on stage. Fast forward to 2018 and China is implementing a system that is roughly what I had conceived in my own mind, a social credit score. While a lot of people are visible upset, siting its Orwellian nature, I submit to you that it isn’t a fascist system, but just typical human nature, now give a quantified score, objectively, instead of being based in subjective criteria. While some tweaks would be needed, since I don’t think someone’s Twitter account should destroy them or bar them, I know for a fact that it would be a far greater system overall as it has been the American system for decades. Consider this, a felony wrap makes it harder to get jobs, because most felonies are harden and horrible crimes, think rape or murder. Someone is put into prison and serves out their sentence and then is, sometimes, allowed back into the general populace. In school, when you did something bad, you got detention, same thing as doing time, but on a lesser scale. People choose not to fraternize with people they don’t like, we all do it, on both sides, as we’re just not going to get along with everyone we meet and that is ok.

   Now, while I don’t think a prisoner that has served his time should be able to kick back and collect a government check by being unemployable, I do think they should be restricted to the jobs they’re ultimately allowed to have. Who wants a rapist serving food, when they could be doing blue collar labor?

    The sex offender registry is already similar to the social currency that China is using as well. Any candidate for a school job is background checked to ensure you’re not hiring felons. Woman even choose the mates they want to breed with through a social desirability system. So why not have a social credit score that could do the same thing for politics?

    Here is how it would look, we phase out voting and institute a credit ranking. The ranking is reflective on hard work you’ve put into your community. You send evidence into an objective body, like if you posted a pic of helping the homeless at a soup kitchen on Facebook. Instead of likes, you get points and those points give you access to further help your community by becoming a politician. The position you gained is based on what you do, local, nationally, federally. So let’s say you’re like Corey Booker and you ran into a fire to save a civilian, risking your life would garner you something like a million points. Who does that in today’s day and age? That is deserving of representing our country at a higher stage. Now, if you just picked up litter and helped the homeless in your municipal, which at best, would allow you to be city councilor. No different from work, school or life, you’re going to get out what effort you put in and rewarded, justly for your effort. Aggressive pursuit of the goals of helping, genuinely, benefits more involved than just straight politicking. No more minor scandals would matter, just Twitter is just that, Twitter. Anyone of any background could be elected.

    Imagine how this could work in other fields, where a porn star could retire and work a quiet job without being chided for his or her past. The objectivity of such could revolutionize the world and strengthen our country.

    Now, my idea isn’t without flaws, as there would have to be new safe guards in place to protect citizens. There would have to be a better way to create and remove law. Social conservatism would need to be prevented, so no rouges could jack the system and prevent things like Roe v Wade, Gay marriage or anything else for that matter from being overturned.

    Life could get on and we could all start living our lives. No more political bickering, no more stupid boycott hashtags, no more human bias against people of color, sexuality or otherwise. No victim-hood about being kept down by fake archys of any kind. Truly the best candidates would shine through and be able to get out of life what they put in. While not perfect at the moment,a world steeped in objectivity, fact and most importantly, merit, is in my mind, to borrow from TED talks, and idea worth sharing.

Mandatory Welfare

      Here’s an idea that is sure to piss off the Republican Party;I am for mandatory welfare. It’s not for the liberal ideas that one would think. I simply want to keep certain people out of the general populace. Yes, keeping people away from others could be a huge benefit for society as a whole. I like to think of it as social segregation.

      I cannot be the only person to ever walk into a store and hear the clerk bemoan the fact they have to work. I’m sorry that your life is so bad,plus you have to work. My heart bleeds so much for you! I’m not understanding to this, seriously, pushing a button is easy as hell and making a burger is even easier, when all you have to do is put the frozen carcinogenic slathered piece of “meat” under a heat lamp, which sits there for hours on end, until the unsuspecting costumer comes in and desires sustenance so badly, they will eat the food equivalent of an STD.

      Besides the fact that work is super hard for them and life is clearly not worthwhile, there is also the fact that, well, they want 15 dollars an hour to do something much worse than I could do at home. I can burn my own overly antibiotic infused frozen “meat” patty myself and remember that I don’t want cheese on it. People make mistakes, it’s part of life, so I don’t let this part get to me too much, but damn if it doesn’t occur to me when listing off reasons for mandatory welfare.

      When you factor in the above, you start to get an idea for why I’m right about this. I don’t really need more reasons, but you’re going to get them anyways! Allow me to now extrapolate onto the idea that is mandatory welfare.

      Since work is so hard and you cannot be bothered to look at what you just wrote down on order pad or the screen, I am willing to work for you, just to keep you home, until either your disposition improves or you learn to shut up while working, whichever comes first.

      You will make whatever the minimum wage is per year and it will be inflated to adjust for the cost of living, just please stay away from me and others. One of the buyer beware scenarios, when you sign up, you will be given a long term contract, five to ten years, that states that you cannot leave your house. You will be sterilized, fully or temporarily, to prevent breeding and you must Netflix and chill for the duration of the contract. It’s really that simple of a system, basically what we already have going, but improved for the benefit of humans who don’t mind getting things done.

      Now, I can be understanding, since some costumers are pains in the ass, but the location is partially to blame for this. Starbucks for example has too many options. I’m sorry, I thought you wanted coffee, well coffee comes one of two ways, black and tanned. Want sugar, add it yourself. If you have to add twenty sugars to something to make it palpable to your taste, you don’t like the item you’re procuring, you like the sugar. Just eat sugar packets. Here’s an idea, caffeinated sugar. One packet has enough caffeine of an espresso. Snort it like cocaine for all I care, just make be honest that you secretly hate coffee, otherwise you would drink it as is. The second you add half a dozen toppings, it is no longer coffee, rather a desert as Bill Maher has pointed out many times in the past. 1,000 calories is not coffee! I’d rather down a six pack of beer for that many calories, at least it will give me enough of a buzz to make humans tolerable.

      Besides the annual salary, just to leave myself and others alone, you will also be given an allotment of your drug of choice. Yes, you can have it as a signing bonus, once a month, you will get either the biggest bottle of whiskey, beer, bag of weed, bag of cocaine, heroin, whatever you wish, just to make sure you stay tranquil and indoors. You can live with your lover and if you cannot find one, we will help you, since you won’t be breeding anyways.

      I am willing to work two 40 hour a week jobs, just to keep you away from myself and others who cannot stand listening to the rubbish that flies out of your claptrap on a daily basis. It would be a privilege and an honor to not have to be served by you.

      Anything and everything will be provided for you, just so my mental health is kept healthy and I don’t descend into insanity.

      You’re probably wondering how business’ will thrive without a lot of people shopping, well, there’s an app for everything now a days, so you can order food from most places, with your government provided iPhone.

      This is something that the U.S. government needs to consider, because too many people are just stupid, lazy, bitter, jaded and otherwise not worth dealing with. I think you’ll find that life will generally improve for all involved, and mass shootings will actually be reduced. Granted, serial killers and the like will still exist, you cannot help that, but the 1% of murders that happen, is just nature’s way of cleaning the gene pool. So it is a necessary evil, like Richard Dawkins twitter account, or Donald J. Trump being a racist. You just have to deal with it.

      Another name for this is trickle down happiness. Which you may have learned about watching a porn video. I promise you that this will make this planet a much safer, much saner and overall a much better place to live. In fact, I guarantee it! It’s the Oprah of systems, everybody gets something.

      Another benefit of mandatory welfare? Better politicians and choices for president. Now I won’t have to listen to the talking heads on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and half a dozen other “news” outlets opine about Emperor Palatine Vs Doc Brown being “saner” picks than Hilary Clinton vs Rand Paul. The only people saying this is unfair, are the idiots who would be locked up. The Paul Lepage, the John Boehner and Paul Ryans of the world.

     Heck, most of these jobs are practically welfare anyways. Why make the price of Big Mac go up, when we can just rid the world of the problem which is Bitter, overly entitled workers, who would rather not be there to begin with.

      Early adopters of the program will get healthcare paid for, as well, just to get you away from me faster! No need for a Bernie Sander’s presidency when we can fix the system.

      Mandatory welfare is going to be a thing and the best part, no more hipsters, working in Che Guevara hoodies. Is that not what life is truly about?

Major Corrections to the text. ( 23 Nov. 2015)