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  • The Sick Sad Truth of YouTube Exposed!

    I know some will peg me for implying I am “Too Good” for YouTube and to those people I say, YOU’RE DAMN FUCKIN’ RIGHT!

  • Fashionably Late Review: Scream

    Scream, regardless of what some think, is not Wes Craven’s finest hour.

  • Is Disney Secretly Alt-Right?

    I have an interesting new take on Star Wars: The Last Jedi that I don’t think anyone has seen before and I intend to prove, as I did with my essay on The Empire being the good guys, that The… Read More ›

  • Director’s Cut:Screenplay (2008)

    A Horror Screenplay about Toxic Fandom and Hollywood and what happens when people take their love of movies too far.

  • Good Girl!

    Do not just jump, ride him until your uterus burst with man cream and you have a liter of alpha males.

  • Milf Porn or Why liking Older Woman Sucks (NSFW)

    Growing up, I tended to favor older woman, not to say I don’t like younger woman, I am fine with younger woman too, but I favored older woman growing up. This is probably unusual for a man, but I’ve always… Read More ›