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OMG! WHITE Person TAUNTS unsuspecting Asian by SPEAKING FLUENT Asian.

I don’t know if any of you have seen the latest and by that, I mean, probably a few years old, of some dude, usually, knows Japanese, Korean or Chinese and goes into a heavily populated Asian part of town and pretty much acts like a dick, or in one such case, is a prick who goes to China and insults the locals who weren’t taught traditional Chinese in school, which would be like me filming anywhere in the US and asking why they don’t understand Olde English.

Sure, it seem innocuous enough. A person learns a language and wants to practice it and learn. As someone who has different languages under his belt, I wholeheartedly get it. I don’t, however, understand why someone feels the need to film it, and subtitled it with things about skin color, for instance, or paint Asians in an unflattering light. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am sure Asians have supposition about Westerns, it is very common among all races, but to essentially use that as a backdrop for a Youtube video, especially one that is monetized, is preposterous, especially given Youtube’s current rules with hate speech or speech that otherwise indicates that a person is less then. This absolutely violates those rules and need to be demonetized. It is an insult for people whom have been removed from Youtube for less and not violating the policies to keep those videos up and allow for them to make money. Youtube needs to apply these rules evenly or not at all!

Use of racial, religious or other slurs and stereotypes that incite or promote hatred based on any of the attributes noted above. This can take the form of speech, text, or imagery promoting these stereotypes or treating them as factual.

Youtube Policy

Now, I’m not going to call them microagressions, because not everything is a microagression, some of them are just subtext of an underlying issue with the person that he or she might not even be aware of. As the Halon’s Razor goes “Don’t chalk up to malice what you can equally chalk up to stupidity.”

I don’t want to name names here, since some of these people seem sincerely obtuse but pretty intelligent and want to be decent people, whilst others, well, they want to waste unsuspecting Asians time on skype, pretending they don’t speak Chinese, when they do and wasting those Sensai’s time, when they could be helping a real 学生(Students) learn and not one looking to gain capital off the backs of people whose monetization is not nearly as much as the himbo.  

Now, make no mistake, all those who read my work know my thoughts on the average and that is the operative word, not just in regards to their output, but also their humanity, Youtuber and this is one more stoke of the fire that burns my inner core towards these Youtube Rén(Person), but this is part of a larger problem and not just a bias towards idiots whom put out subpar content that would have been network television in the 1980’s, but is out of place in today’s world. We’re not just talking about the lame graphics, either!

Sadly, most people are extroverted and will placate these colonizers egos by telling them how great they’re pronouncing of the language is, which makes these videos even more ingenuine that they already are. Not to mention, not a single person puts out any real creditable evidence that they really know the language, we just have to take them at their word and hope the Asians in the background are sincere.

I hope that Youtube will at least reach out and ask people to change the titles, at the very least, because the badgering of poor, unsuspecting, hardworking American’s, just like you and me, isn’t how Youtube wants to be perceived, going into the future.

Woke To The Future

People are stupid! There isn’t much doubt about it, in my mind. One look at the world 40 years ago and so much is still the same, but a slight variation on a theme. Back when my parents where infants, the world still had blacks as second class citizens, why? Partially because people fear change. People are very slow to adopt change, and I don’t really understand this. It isn’t confined to left vs right political paradigms either. I mean, people still used 100+ year old technology. Records came out in the 1800’s, the Grammaphone for instance, was in the RCA logo with a dog until the 1980’s and early 1990’s. Revolvers, came out in the 1800’s and 1911’s, named for the year they were created, were common place until the early 2000’s when Glock started getting used more and more in Hollywood movies. The typewriter didn’t become electronic until the late 1970’s, early 1980’s and it had been invented about 1830. People still used the printing press of the 1700’s for book publishing, albeit a slight change with book plates, versus having to put the letters in by hand. Percolators where big from 1819 till about 1980’s. I have no ill will towards old technology, in fact, some of it I like myself. I love revolvers and 1911s, records and typewriters. Not to mention my 1930’s safety razor for shaving. This is technology though, and while innovation should be strove for in all fields, it isn’t really integral. What is interesting is the conversations that people have been having for centuries are still exactly the same.

Why does this matter? It matters because real change cannot occur until the people decide they need to. I mean, Jews are a big old school topic that have been around since the days of Christ. A lot of major acient counties deported Jews. In 2016, rallies of people chanting “Jews will not replace us”, happed in Charlottesville and some in Virginia. Rallying cries that are a millennia old, seem weird to those of us whom are woke to the future. I was anti-semantically attacked in the year 2000, for simply saying a woman, whom I didn’t know was even Jewish, was pretty. She had curly blonde hair, green eyes and was photogenic. Hardly a reason for attacking an individual. I kicked the shit out of him, in case anyone was wondering. Besides people looking for the “Endlösung fur die Juden Frage”, we’re still having a conversation about blacks. How many centuries have passed on African Americans being regaled to second class citizenry? Some epochs of time have allowed for certain taboo situations and not others. Ancient Greece with homosexuality and to a certain extent, pedophilia. Although, during Roman times, both were kind of modified. Middle ages saw having young girls as young as 12 be marriageable. All three, didn’t always take kindly to intellectualism, though. Socrates was killed for being a “perverter of the youth”, which had nothing to do with pedestry. Galieo was killed in the middle ages and Marcus Aurelius was killed in Rome.

The whole crux of this is that people are slow and historically hate on irrelevant things that they shouldn’t. Part of this is that people are shallow, they’re literal and concreate. They cannot see past what is in front of them, also referred to as MBTI Sensing types. The other factor is low I.Q. Sensing types become a lot more tolerable when they have higher I.Q. then they otherwise would, which is why I am writing this in order to discuss things that we’re still doing on both sides of the political aisle and why I am woke to the future and you should be too.

Let’s start with Androids and not the phones, I mean, robots. They’re a person. Sure, they have mechanical biology, but a biology is a biology. In the future, the modern slavery won’t be blacks, it will be robots. We already use technology as a crutch in everyday life, one look outside the window and what do you see? People addicted to smartphones. Imagine, instead of working, we sent androids? That’s the future we’re looking at and quite frankly, I’m already against it. Our android friends should be treated as such and given personhood preemptively so we can avoid the pitfalls of the past, when it took til 1964 for blacks and other beings to become normal citizenry. I’m also in favor of human/robot relations. There is nothing wrong with programing your perfect companion to your taste. We do it with food, tv, books, why not compadres? One watch of Bicentennial man and I think you would agree with me.

The second thing I am discussing is male vs female. It’s the new racism. It’s superficial and jingoism on genitals. it’s just more superficial hate. We really should be judging people on a lot more intricate criteria than we are. Not too long ago, men and woman worked together as hunter and gathers and maybe we should go back to that.

Speaking of judging people on more intricate criteria, a Genius I.Q. is a right. We should expand genetic science and really pump money into lab created children. Everyone should have control over their own genetics and be allowed to create the best child they can. We need a seed bank of the best of genetics. All packages would automatically guarantee a 160 I.Q. regardless of your budget, since the world would move a lot faster and adapt a lot better if everyone were a genius. Since C-sections are alleged to be speeding up evolution, in the future, there could be more complications for children and since we don’t want more infant deaths, since we’ve come so far as a species, it would be unethical to not fund the science behind genetics and alternative birthing. Also, having your stem cells frozen to be able to repair you better is a right and should be mandated by the government, since no one, regardless of what one has done in one’s life, should have to be denied access to live saving organs, as some pot smokers have been or be put on a mile long waiting list for something we could lab grow and be more cost efficient. We could even create genetics in a lab, similar to other animals, which would allow one to regrow teeth and make a dentist obsolete.

Speaking of science, we need to fund Star Trek replicators, and soon, making them as cheap as humanly possible. Food will be replenishable at the push of a button. Starvation is a thing of the past and fighting for fossil fuels is also obsolete. Science is the new infrastructure building and social program of the future that should be bipartisan in nature. To quote Bill Hicks, “We are the vacillators of our own creative evolution.”

Back on the topic of androids, while it might seem to contradict, this doesn’t, since no A.I. would be involved, giving human traits to a machine, it would be no different than a cotton gin or a plow. Also, it goes hand and hand with our genetics, since you pretty much have to be perfect to get into the armed forces, the amount of potentially great genetic material is too great a cost to bear in our society, that seems to produce weak sauce humans now a days. We need to create machines that work via Virtual Reality, allowing even children to become a solider for the U.S. Army. Why kill our people in a war for something stupid as it normally is now a days, as opposed to VR controlled tanks that would be American controlled terminators? Forget Call of Duty, let’s play “Terminator, Rise of the Machines” instead. Everyone gets to be Iron Man from the comfort of their own home.

Life extension technology. When coupled with controls via genetic babies, we’re essentially all able to live as long as we want. Much like the Museum of Science in Boston’s life clock, which shows 1:1 ratio of deaths happening to children being born, we could all almost live forever, since only being vaporized or splattered, instant deaths would be a problem. When one dies, we create another child and keep life in a stable setting, since we wouldn’t overpopulate or underpopulate the world.

 While everyone is too busy killing each other over the past, I’m still too busy thinking about the future and I think most people should be as well. I plan to write more as it comes to me, but for now, I think this is good enough to get people to think differently.

Kagemas: The Santa Clause

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Kagemas. I wasn’t going covid stop me from writing a lest one review for Kagemas.

I first saw this movie in cinema’s with my family back in 1994. It was a hell of a funny movie then and still holds up pretty well now.

STORY: Dude kills Santa, becomes Santa, hilarity ensues.

CHARACTERS: Pretty well developed. I think they would of worked with any actors playing them. You have a diverse ecosystem of characters and while you don’t feel like you know any of them well enough to be friends, you can understand who they are and it works.

ACTING: Fantastic in most instances.

STYLE/VISUALS: Fantastic and interesting enough, not overly dated.

WRITING: Very good!

DIALOUGE: Mostly good, a few cringe moments like a middle age man saying “Santa”.

MUSIC: Ok, minus the dated and clearly 90’s boomer obligatory, ZZ top reference.

SUBTEXT: None. It’s a fuckin’ Christmas movie, so of course it cheery as fuck, IPA style of in your face holiday flavor is devoid of subtext.

CONCLUSION: For a film that starts of nihilistic fuck, it gets it’s Barings and become a full on sappy holiday film, just like Scrooge himself, but it works and I enjoy it. The sarcastic aspects still speak to me and while some of the references that elude to 60’s drug use or pedophilia, are weird to see in a children’s film, it all comes together to form a “classic” that at least tries to make something different than your billionth viewing of “It’s a wonderful life”.

4 out of 5 stars.

Kageoween: The Haunting of Bly Manor

INTRODUCTION: So, I’ve just finished The Haunting of Bly Manor, a sequel season, to an anthology series of haunted houses, all of which, are apparently mansions. Presumably because the ghost of the mansions are subtext for white guilt because Ole Mike here is more successful than you and feels bad about it. I digress though. This is an adaptation of an old gothic horror novella from 1898, one of which I will now make sure to read. Is this “show” worth it though?

STORY/PLOT: An au pair takes a job at a haunted mansion, how original of Netflix, uh? They really pushed the boundaries of a narrative here.

CHARACTERS: Not bad for horror, but could of been better overall. I know he gets praised for developing characters in horror better than horror normally does, but I feel like his development is equal to that of a prepubescent child with hard nipples from the winter chill as opposed to a fully developed adult woman, but for horror, I’ll take whatever I can get. It isn’t always easy to develop characters well anyways.

Once again I find myself dismayed at the LGBTQ representation being the equal to that of a fratboy having fantasies. I mean, I haven’t hand a chance to know every lesbian in my lifetime, but I do know drunken benders that lead to lesbianism, do not seem to be the major narrative in a lot of gay love stories. It’s more dishearten, given he has his wife play another Lesbian character, whom identifies as Bi, so Mike should know better, but atlas, I will have to put up with shitty characters that don’t even have build to them being lesbians, it’s just trust onto us. I mean, he is only 8 years old than I, but is lesbianism really a shock and awe moment? Kind of behind the 8 ball on this one.

ACTING: Mostly shit, except for two actors. The cook and the guy who played the farther in the The Haunting of Hill House.

STYLE/VISUALS: Kind of reminiscent of early 2000’s dramas for me, like The Practice or Boston Legal. Since this story is based in the 1980’s, it works, but still nothing exciting.

WRITING: Very good.

DIALOUGE: I get it’s England, but a lot of it is fuckin’ cringe.

TENSION: Quite splendid for this show. Sadly it was a big let down to nothing of worth at the end. Once again he added in a scare that I didn’t expect and I’m not afraid to admit it. I lothe the heavy reliance on jump scares though.

MUSIC: Forgettable at best. This show’s tension at it’s highest when there isn’t a score anyways, so.

SUBTEXT: Not a lot, but for me it seems to be about legacies and the impression one makes on others, family and friends being the most important, so that one isn’t forgotten about.

CONCLUSION: While the mid-season twist were perfectly predictable, I like the first 5 episodes even better than I the original. Sadly it wears out its welcome by episode 8 and 9 seems like a tedious epilogue that wasn’t needed. My thoughts are the complete opposite with The Haunting of Hill House, which was boring up until the end. I was afraid this was going to go Deus Ex Machina, but that would of been welcome to the let down of an ending we did get. Episode 8 was so out of place, it really seemed tacked on, when it could of been at the beginning of the season and while a diversion from the narrative, it was somewhat integral to see where the story was heading. It’s just one more let down though, but I’ve wasted my time on worse.

3 out of 5 stars.


Kageoween: Hubbie Halloween

INTRODUCTION: Adam Sandler and Happy Madison did it again and I do not mean making a great movie. Props to the most meta movie comment ever when a teacher Cleopatra, when prompted to help Sandler’s Character, says “No, he overstayed his welcome!”.

PLOT: A stupid but “lovable” shlub, is hated by his hometown and ends up in the midst of a murder mystery.

CHARACTERS: It’s a Sandler movie, it’s shallow as fuck stock characters. Fuck him and fuck Netflix too!

STYLE: This shit would of been straight to DVD when I was a child, so it looks good from that Standpoint but not really something that would be visually stunning in a theater.

WRITING: Typical Sandler movie with the same bullshit juvenilia that plagues all his movies now a days.

MUSIC: *Shrug*

SUBTEXT: Presumably it’s more schadenfreude from Sandler, the textbook simpleton, who was most likely disliked as a child due to being a moron and who “grew up” to “make something” of himself, so he likes to constantly write the same story and shove it in people’s face.

CONCLUSION: This is all the same beats as Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison. It’s a guy, who would be living in a half way home if someone cared enough about them to get them some help, but as usual, the dumbass somehow saves the day or gets the girl. You know, shit that doesn’t actually happen in real life, given that Sandler and his characters are possibly legally retarded, so the hot girl boning him is the adult equivalent of pedophilia. These movies where cute when you were a child, but they’re sad and pathetic now. If wanted to see middle aged losers who couldn’t cut it in the real world and couldn’t grow up because adulting is “too hard”, I could look on YouTube and find half a dozen Millennial Neckbeards that fit the profile. Adam is the young boomer, proto-millennial who couldn’t grow up back in the 90’s and still cannot. When you factor in his core audience is the same, you get a movie that is not needed. In an alternative world, where Adam Sandler’s audience grew up and he didn’t, those intellectually obtuse neckbeards would be watching these dated, but new “classic” Sandler flix with kids of their own. So while they would still be trite, at least they would serve a function. If Adam really wanted to impress me with a new movie, he would take his formula and combine it with Uwe Boll’s Rampage, it would be more in line with the majority of his former audience and he could call it InCel. It would make a fortune.

EDIT: If anyone would actually like to see a movie that is Billy Madison+Rampage, let me know in the comments and I’ll launch a kickstarter to direct it.

Ramen Noodles and Me

I’ve loved Ramen Noodles since I was teenager. They’re quick to make, cheap and readily available. Too bad the sodium packet they came with caused me issues. Too much of one of my favorite things would spike my blood pressure. So Ramen was something I had to give up for a while. Now I’m back in the swing of things and experimenting with all different types. My prestation sucks and needs vast improvement.

I have made multiple different styles, but here is two. Both were good, but need improvements, like cutting my egg better. Still, I got the yoke right. Also, my home made Chinese chilli needs to not be over cooked and more vibrant colors added to the bowl with veggies.

Below is bowl one followed by the current bowl.