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Communism for the USA: One for all and all for Comrade

A lot of people in entertainment seem to be obsessed with the concept that we’re slowly becoming a communist society and that that is ultimately a bad thing. I submit to you that we’re already living in Communist America and have been for nearly a century. You see it everywhere with Alt-Right vs Antifa, or Democrat vs Republican. We always seem to be at war with the communist. At one point in time, during WW2, communist were our allies in the fight against Hitler and the rest of the axis. Capitalism and Communism joining forces, though? Seems weird, since they’re like cats and dogs, right? Yet it happened and shortly after the fact America, clearly trying to wash the stink of pinko off their consciousness, profusely attacked anyone and everything it thought was a commie. McCarthy started it off in the 50’s and then the 60’s and 70’s saw Cuba and Vietnam as battlegrounds for anti-commie ideologues and least we forget the cold war, which lasted decades. So for something so inherently evil, we must surely need to teach our children about this horror, correct? Apparently not, as no one on either side, even neuvo communist, seem to understand what the fuck communist is and one side likes to keep purporting it hasn’t really been tried yet and the other sounding like the Ghost of Joseph McCarthy himself and all of it rings as hallow as the stereotype of your typical comrade. So what exactly is communism and what are its goals? Well, we’re going to define communism as Marxism and nothing past that. You see, anyone can highjack an ideology and use its name to push their negative agendas, history is full of this. Nazi’s originally started as a working class party before Hitler highjacked it. The Alt-Right has stolen conservatism for far right perversions as Antifa has perverted liberalism with far left insanity. As such, I have picked Marx for the fact it was a unique concept for the time, he did invent it technically and anything else riding his coats would not have been supported by the Herr Comrade himself, Marxist Clause.

So Marx defined communist as a proletariat run society, where the class struggle between them and the bourgeois would end and the workers would no longer be exploited. He had a list of 10 things that were the ultimate goals for communist to move to make for a better society and that is what we’re going to look at right now and see how bad Marxism really is as opposed to US Capitalism and give it a break down.

At first thought, a proletariat society doesn’t sounds too bad, I mean, it really wasn’t and original concept and goes back to ancient Rome with similar aspects, like the pata familiars. So it isn’t out of line to have been tried in the past that is until we get up to 1776, where our society also tried a government system by plebeian or as they put it “Government of the People, by the people for the people”. Marx would write the Communist Manifesto in the 1800’s. I know you’re thinking, that is irrelevant linking and surely there was a difference between rhetoric to arouse patriotic passion in early Americans and evil communism? Well, sure there is. America and Communism are vastly different systems with different goals, here I’ll show you by posting the list.

1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes.
2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance.
4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.
5. Centralisation of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.
6. Centralisation of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State.
7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State; the bringing into cultivation of waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.
8. Equal liability of all to work. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.
9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of all the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the populace over the country.
10. Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children’s factory labour in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production, &c, &c.

The first desire to get rid of land rights and abolish the taxes on property that isn’t public land. How novel of him. Seems pretty conservative of him to want an end to property tax. He also didn’t want people to own land privately. Except no one really owns the land, the banks and governments do, so we’re already one step closer to apparently living in a Marxist world.

Now you’re saying, hey, that is just one thing that is similar and that doesn’t mean we’re living in a communist world. Look at all the non-commie world stuff. Ok, there are plenty of non-governmental examples of capitalism, but allow me to continue.
The second aspect he wants is a progressive tax or graduated tax. To those who do not know what that is, that would be where poor people pay no income tax and rich people pay more. Which obviously, isn’t an American concept at all! (Please note authors sarcasm)

Ok, you say, that is two similar things and there is a finite number of things in the world, so the odd thing or two is bound to be similar. Let us look at the next part which is the abolition of inheritance. In America, you have no right to inheritance. It is all based on legal documents that need to be drawn up that name you a benefactor of the individual’s possession in question. Why? A person could have innumerable wives, children and other family all whom could, technically speaking, lay a claim to any and all of it. Who would be more deserving or the family heirlooms, the son or a sibling? Who are we to decide which is more important than the other? Objectively speaking, this doesn’t exist. We even have a death tax, which to their credit, conservatives are against, so the only party that feels entitled to your stuff is government.

Ok, so that is three things out of 10, how many more could possibly be similar, well, glad you asked. 4 wants to take property from immigrants and rebels. I would presume there were different connotations to rebels in his time, but it seems to have pretty much the same as we already do this and both the left and right think it is kosher. FDR threw Japanese Americans into the gulags in the 40s and seized their property. Sure, Regan would rectify this in the 1980s, but it still happened. Our country is founded on taking other people’s stuff, like the Native Americans. If we extend rebels to include criminals, then in the 1970s, Biden introduced legislation to take property from criminals before they had even been indicted. This is very much in line with communism and their list of 10 things. 5 is the government having total control over credit by means of a national bank with state having a monopoly over money. Which sound a lot like the Federal Reserve bank, that pesky little thing libertarians hate but is loved by the GOP and Dems.

You’re probably banging your head on the table now being like, well there cannot be much more, ah but there is. Marx calls for Amtrak and other similar things being run by the state. 7 is excessive regulation, which pretty much means the government owns you by the balls and calls for forced working or as the GOP likes to cry about excessive “I have to work and so does everyone else”. 9 is government subsidies to farms and 10 calls for free education, of which, while not free, is state run and paid for by your tax dollars. He also wanted to end child labor and teach practical skill with other education, or what school has always universally had for a curriculum.

This is undoubtedly, beyond a shadow of a doubt, absolute smoking gun proof we live in a Marxist society. How have we fared? Well, the class struggle still exist, doesn’t it? The middle class is eroding and the divide is furthering, but yet we’re still calling for more of the same. Oh sure, I’ll admit that communist works in part, I mean, it has since 1776, but that more we add on to that, the worst society seems to get. I cannot seem to understand why people seem that Communism hasn’t been tried yet and yet also purport it to be evil and a failure.

Furthermore, it seems like both teams have their heads up their asses more than usual when it comes to the anti-commie rhetoric. Ironically, the left is the right and the right is the left. If conservatives want to keep America traditional, then they’re truly Marxist at heart as we would be keeping it that way. The left who want to further try communism, because we don’t live in that type of society, must have no concept of what Marx was truly all about and maybe they should read the book, it is a very short read, because I would hate to see what their version of Marxism is. In fact, for years our country considered changing itself as unpatriotic and commie, which is clearly the complete opposite of what it was. Wanting to change it is truly the least Marxist thing one could do. Regardless of current viewpoint, you have to admit the evidence is damming. I personally think we should look to cultivate a new system and have my own ideas of what that would look like, but at the end of the day, we’re all comrades in our Marxist world and I think we can finally put an end to the rift or one of the rifts that is driving a divide in our country. No longer should we be fighting each other over our ignorance. Let us, to paraphrase Marx at the end of the Communist Manifesto, UNITE!

A Review of Rocko: Static Cling

It is hard to believe that it has been 20 years since Rocko’s Modern Life showed up on Nickelodeon. Now, not my favorite cartoon of the time period, it was far from the worse thing ever. It had its moment, both memorable and dull, it style was similar but different from other cartoons of the time period, like Ren and Stimpy. So Netflix decided to make a modern episode that is about 45 minutes long and called it a movie. Let us take a look at it.

Rocko comes back to earth after 20 years in space and a lot has changed. He has trouble adapting to the new world and in the process brings back his favorite cartoon to help save o-town from the brink of destruction.

Still the same, except that Filburt is no longer neurotic. There is a joke at the end that seems to come round circle to this and it is brilliant if you pick up on it.

Voice acting:
Still spot on, with minor sound differences here and there, its been 20 years since they voiced these characters so it is a testament to their talent to nail it pretty 100%.

Very Rocco with all the right beats in place and very retro jokes that is filled with fun while having a slightly meta aspect on top of a very fun nostalgia pop.

Rife with subtext, it takes millennial culture to task in the most loving way and also attempts to help them grow as people. Everything is right from the inability to adapt to the modern world because Rocko (Your avg. Millennial) has been stuck in space or in this case, have had their heads up their ass for 20 years and don’t care for anything but things from their youth, like cartoons. It isn’t disrespectful, but a fun ball bust.

Easter eggs:
So many, I have to watch it again. Look for the old Nickelodeon orange tape to make an appearance. Along with other fun nods to past episodes.

This really could have been a horrible nostalgia pop that simply cashed in on the craze of retro everything, because people want to live in bubbles and never grow up. It pay cared to be everything the original show was and more. It felt familiar and yet fresh. I’m glad they did it overall as this seems to be the thing the world needs right now.

5 out of 5.

Best Resources for Learning Another Language

Jim Ross: Are you biliginual?
Triple H:There are many bi things I am JR but linguals not one of them. Wait did I just mean to say that?
Jim Ross:I don’t think you did, but be that as it may, we’re live
King of the Ring 98

When I was in middle school they gave us one of two choices to learn a second language. Spanish or French were the only two things you could pick from. Now, in Salem, there used to be a major French population, but that dwindled by the time I was born. Salem, Massachusetts was high in Puerto Ricans when I was growing up, so I opted for Spanish, since this would be a more practical language to use, plus it would allow for more immersion as well as better job opportunities abroad. You took 2 years in middle school and 4 years in high school, if you passed the middle school aspect. This is way too long to be teaching a language and for some people it is too short to be able to learn a language. I always hopped for a better way, especially as a autodidactic person. Sadly, books were never enough to just learn a language and most programs were and are uber expensive. I still think Rosetta Stone is too costly, even coming down in price from the $500+ dollars in my late teens and early twenties to about $200ish. That said, it is a worthwhile program to use, if you can get past the initial price tag. So recently, I set out to use Duolingo to learn German and search for other resources that would supplement its use. Here is a review of the best resources to use in learning another language.

Duolingo is amazing and fun. It makes learning the language a breeze and helps to cement thing in better than just rote memorization. This isn’t without its faults though as it will only get you so far in your target language. The Duolingo plus is alright but relatively expensive for what you get, which is just no ads and the ability to repair streaks. If you pay the monthly until you’re finish, you’ll be all set.

LingoDeer is much like Duo but with a deer mascot and it is just as fun, but I wouldn’t say better than Duolingo. Its best aspect is in price point, for less than a year’s service on Duolingo, you can have lifetime access to everything and this, I believe, extends to all languages you could learn.

Busuu is amazing for learning a language as they have people who actually speak your target language which can help you with pronunciation. It is more like a helpful social media than an app. Included with the service is McGrawhill certification, which, if you didn’t know, if you’re American, made all the textbooks you used in school growing up, so the certification is worth more than you’ll pay for the service and probably far cheaper than most others you could get from anything else and with such a trusted name in education, well worth the price.

Clozemaster is another great resource to learn but I don’t think it is overly helpful past Duolingo or LingoDeer unless you’re willing to pay for the service. It is alright but not the most amazing way.

YouTube is surprising more amazing with learning a language than it is for anything else. The majority of teachers are well worth paying for and very helpful. In fact, I would go so far and say this is the most helpful and useful of online communities on Youtube. Worth spending your money on any and all and even the weaker channels tend to offer great content.

Idiots/Dummies guide
I have both idiots and dummies guides and I think the Dummies guides are way better than the Idiots guides. This things have been around for years and with their trademark wit and humor, they’re a great resource for anything one could desire to learn.

Collegiate dictionary is a must due to the amazing amount of words they have. Some can be expensive, but their digital counterparts are often very cheaper and well worth the investment.

Amazon is fantastic for digital books as it can offer thousands of no to low cost books to buy to help you learn the language. Add in the aforementioned dictionary and you will be learning new words in no time.

Twitter may not seem like it, but it is an amazing resource that gives you access to native speakers all over the world, not to mention thousands of brands in the country of desire. Well worth using to see updates in your Twitter feed daily to help you learn.

Fluent forever is a book which, isn’t really mind blowing as he basically just explains a lot of techniques that the accidents civilizations used in order to remember better, personal connections to make remembering words easier for you. It isn’t a bad book and for those of you that may have never read the ancient philosophers or went to college, this book will be gold for you in helping you out.

Learning a second language is fun and worthwhile endevenor and the ability for everyone to learn one at their desired pace is exquisitely amazing in today’s age. We’re afford so many luxuries that our ancestors could only dream of and there is really no reason to give it a go and with the resources provided above, it shouldn’t be too difficult for anyone of any age to accomplish.

Ich wünscht du glück in learnen ein zweiten sprache!

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Social Justice Warriors are Autistic

     I’ve worked with Autistics when I was in High School. I was good at academics and asked if I would mind helping people with their work. I said I had no problem with it and did the best I could. Dealing with autism is no easy feat, especially when they’re not considered “high functioning” autistics. While I am no expert on autism, I do have the ability to analyze better than most other non-educated people and know what I am looking for when I am out and about in the world at large. It also is painfully obvious from the internet that the average social justice warrior is indeed, autistic.

     If you, like myself, have wondered why the world has all of a sudden become a major cesspool of bullshit, one need look no further than the average SJW. They’re what is called, when it relates to autism, monotropic. This, in years past, has been referred to as tunnel vision, informally speaking. Monotropism is defined as:

Monotropism is a cognitive strategy posited to be the central underlying feature of autism. A monotropic mind is one that focuses its attention on a small number of interests at any time, tending to miss things outside of this attention tunnel

     This seems very much like your average SJW, I would say. At current, it seems to mostly plague only the left as legitimate monotropism. The alt-right obsession with Jews and the Zionist conspiracy, coupled with “white genocide” does not fit this bill as being monotropism. It is my belief that they are following basic and archaic laws of power in order to create an us vs them mentality, that still seems to have sway. I also think the white power aspect stems from an inferiority complex, that is a byproduct of little to no success within the real world. When you feel inferior to people, you’ll look at anything to build yourself esteem and when it comes to skin color, it is the easiest way to prove to yourself that you are as superior as you claim, when the reality is, superiority comes from higher standards set for oneself and achieving them. Skin color can therefore never be benchmark for supremacy, as it allows anyone to claim it with little to no proof of such and such shallow criteria is none at all. When everyone is “superior” no one is.

So what are the traits associated with monotropism?

1. Strong focus on few things
2. They miss things outside of their tunnel vision
3. Attention deficit
4. Hyper focus
5. Difficulty doing more than one thing at a time
6. Inability to read faces

Since the amount of attention available to a person is limited, cognitive processes are forced to compete. In the monotropic mind, interests that are active at any given time tend to consume most of the available attention, causing difficulty with tasks that demand a broad attention span, including conventional social interaction. Language development can be affected, both through the broad attention required and the psychological impact of language providing a tool for others to manipulate a child’s interest system. As Murray et al argue: ‘Disruption of the attention tunnel is a painful experience. Language may suddenly become unattractive for a deeply monotropic infant.’-WIKI

In the monotropism account, theory of mind difficulties seen in autistic people are not a ‘core deficit’ central to autism, but rather follow from the attentional demands of social interaction. As the autistic sociologist Damian Milton puts it, ‘recognition of others may only occur if connected to the fulfilling of interests that the autistic individual has, otherwise the existence of others may not be registered at all.-WIKI

     Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Everything from the inability to deal with others and diffrences, right down to the words are violence aspect, which is a key phrase heard from the common SJW. Their platitudes are as banal as their thinking, but unlike the racist alt-right, they might have a legitimate excuse for their insane behavior and might actually be legitimately triggering, given that social interactions would be far harder for the brain to process, which is probably why these things always seem to happen in large groups. It is difficult for one to understand the mind of these people, even if you would like to. No matter how good you are at understanding from others perspectives, it is hard for anyone not suffering from monotropism to identify or have sympathy for the SJW.

     One way to combat this is to help the individuals in question to go back to other realms of interest that may alleviate the problem of monotropism as seen in the quote above. This is something that colleges should start looking towards as the ever increasing snowflake brigade tends to hijack and otherwise impede the desires of students, whom are there to learn and have thoughtful dialogues with teachers, in order to make themselves better people as opposed to a group of triggering, ineffectual, SJWs that get nowhere but on the news. SJWS make up a small amount of the overall electorate anyways and this would also tend to go hand in hand with autism levels in general.

     So what could be the cause for this? Some studies suggest that having older parents when they are born could result in higher levels of autism and that would be why this is a new phenomenon with the Millennial. A lot of Millennials tend to have parents that had them older, with the average age seeming to have been 40-50ish. The studies suggest this causes an increase in the likelihood that the progeny will exhibit autism as opposed to younger parents which is a far rarer occurrence. While others Millennials exhibit more signs of sociopathy, the typical SJW show signs of autism and monotropism, which is why they differ, not just in perspective, but engaging the world. Most of them seem to have higher levels of neuroticism and agreeableness as well, which may be why the numbers seem higher than they are, which brings me to the fact that I would not be shocked if entire groups of SJW have been led by and or have been high jacked by sociopaths, as may be the case with well-planned internet attacks on individuals and groups outside the realm of the SJWs interest. Being highly agreeable brings less bullying and more herd conformity along with it. This may be why SJWs have a tendency to use violence. Although Antifa doesn’t fit the bill of the average social justice warrior, as they’re just mearely the left version of the alt-right and it comes from a place of inferiority.

     While I don’t have all the answers and I cannot say for sure how to deal with this problem, there is a list of ways to deal with the average SJW and if we want to stop the insanity that is happening in the US, we might be wise to try these out for ourselves. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so why not?

To help autistic individuals in understanding and navigating the world, Murray et al propose that certain steps could be helpful. These include:

Increase connections with other people through the child’s interests: ‘start where the child is’.
Allow them to pursue their own interests, and build understanding that way.
Improve understanding in order to correct false or partial connections.
Make tasks more attainable by decreasing the number and complexity of them.
Make tasks and connections more meaningful.[1]

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Millennials are Sociopaths

     This is going to be the second in what is three different but similar essays on the topic of generations. The first one is called “Generational Gaps, in Thought”. This one focus on millennial in a different understanding of the term. I normally do not like to go off my experiences or be anecdotal, but here, I kind of have to be. Let us do this like one of my reviews, where we include the headers because this is multipart essay and we don’t want to lose track of the overall arch.

     Good fuckin’ question! No one seems to know and yet, everyone is a goddamn fuckin’ expert on the subject. Don’t you wish these cocksuckers would just SHUT THE FUCK UP? The original reason, as I pointed out in a past essay, is that they (marketers mostly and government) wanted to keep track of Baby Boomers for sales and Social Security reasons. This was fine, in and of itself, but other people decided, whom I am not quite sure, to keep track of other generations. It’s a massive cluster of ineptitude because a whole lot of “MBTI” sensing types like to go off a tangent about their “experiences” with no hard evidence, accept anything they’re told at face value in the most Pollyannaish, as fuck way. They have no data, no sociological credential or even so much as a college degree, even. They use appeal to emotion and little logic, all in an attempt to divide and conquer with no real reason for why. Oh, most of them are baby boomers and well, they happen to, seem anyways, like one of the lowest I.Q. generations in history. So, we get to change this a bit and decided what a millennial is by this essays standards.


     Well, it isn’t based on birth that is for damn sure. I don’t care when you were born, birth doesn’t predicate that for you. Instead, this argument looks to make the case that millennial is actually a synonym for sociopathic tendencies that, when exhibited by a large group, is normalized behavior with erroneous assumptions as to why the given behavior is being exhibited.

     A sociopath and a psychopath have very little distinction between one another. Great debate still rages as to the differences, if any, there is between them. Sociopaths are generally less premediated if you will, which is different from psychopaths which are more schemer like. In other words, a The Joker is a sociopath whereas The Riddler is a psychopath.

Here is a list of traits of a sociopath:

1. Lack of Empathy or Remorse
2. Lying, manipulation, may be either clinical or overly emotional (Think anger or volatility)
3. Narcissism
4. Glib or charming
5. May or may not have a high I.Q.
6. Impulsive
7. Criminal behavior
8. Disregard for societal norms
9. Sensitive to criticism
10. Compulsive lying
11. Risky behavior
12. Façade
13. Constant stimulation
14. Irrational trains of thought
15. Unreliability
16. Poor social skills
17. Excessive egocentrism
18. Using people, parasitic lifestyle choice

     I know the list is rather extensive, but there is a lot more that could be added to it and trust me, this barley scratches the surface, but correct me if I am wrong, a lot of those traits seem to be associated with both Baby Boomer and Millennials, do they not? I mean, let’s go through them, one by one and see how the average Boomer and Millennial stack up.

     At first glance, it would seem that Millennials do not lack empathy at the very least. Some might even say, they’re deeply empathic. Let’s look at this closely though. Sociopathic tendencies are often exhibited against people similar to themselves without remorse. Much like a tribe attacking itself would be disastrous, so too would criminal behavior against people of a similar tribe. Tribalism has been suffocating these last few years and reduced to massive amounts of micro tribes. This many tribes shouldn’t exist in a non-sociopathic world. Even the Nazi’s rarely killed Germans they liked, while killing everyone else. When you cede moral high ground to the Nazi’s, saying you’re a sociopath is kind of redundant. Left and right continue to destroy each other in politics and steal capital from one another, throw slanderous accusations and attempt to eradicate the “opposition” by any means necessary. Even by histories standards, these people are insane. Ceaser was stabbed by Brutus, a good friend of his, but only because Ceaser attempted to become emperor of Rome. Eat a Chic ‘Filet and you’ll be gangfucked on Twitter before the first bite.

     When it comes to being overly emotional, Millennial’s are often the worse culprits than any other. Like I mentioned above, Twitter gangs are a small portion of this insane bullshit, but the emotion comes with not getting their way. Now, you could argue that they were raised this way, but even the worse culprits of bygone generations grew out of it by their 20’s. If we use the 1980 starting point by some standards, then the oldest Millennial is nearly fucking 40 years old. That is exceeding well past normal for such excessive Peter Pan complexes. Michael Jackson is an exception to this rule, but MJ was pretty much abused growing up with overbearing family. Millennials do not have that excuse for their Peter Pan Complex. They also tend to exhibit manipulation in droves. The town I live in sees hearsay at a massive high. This historically is something only middle school girls do and well, Millennial are clearly not middle school girls and this is very high amongst the men as well. I know most Millennial are effeminate, but even the aforementioned middle school girls grow out of this by adulthood. This malignant gossip is often false which goes hand in hand with compulsive lying.

     Narcissism might as well be the defining characteristic of the Millennial. They take selfies often, use filters as much as possible, as to perfect a false image and then bitch about how they desire genuine. Lest we forget the inability for a majority to understand from others perspectives as well. Which can go hand and hand with empathy/sympathy but doesn’t have to be the same thing, as it isn’t a feeling like sympathy or empathy.

     Most Millennial’s don’t seem to have very high I.Q.’s at all. In fact, a lot of studies say that a majority of them and mostly men, didn’t fare well in school. I seemingly recall, when I was a kid, it was young girls that were alleged to not fare well. I recall articles saying “You got to hook them into the STEMS by 7 or they lose interest.” Or “A girls grades are impacted by their relationship with their fathers.” This stuff about men not faring well is new to me, and even though sensing types on the MBTI are, according to one book anyways, notorious for doing piss poor in school, I don’t think that is enough of an excuse to explain the mass amount of it. Factor in the aspect that, according to the New York Post, Millennial’s have the highest amount of arrest, regardless of a crime being committed or not. Now, one could argue that, well, greater numbers, more arrest and sure that would be a simple explanation for such, if they didn’t exhibit all the other signs of sociopathic tendencies. These tendencies go back to their youth, much like a psycho or sociopath would. Disregard for societal norms is lumped in here as they is often law break. Although I have an alternate theory to why Millennials may be incarcerated in higher numbers but I will save that for a different essay.

     Millennials exhibit poor social skills which is probably why they have so little sex, but I would argue that it’s the superficial aspect that makes more of an impact than anything else. Look no further than to the alt-left and alt-right for the irrational train of thoughts for both and many others. The need for constant stimulation is prevalent, which we cannot forget the massive amount of Ritalin that Millennials were on during the 90s and their inability to take personal responsibility for themselves, their unreliability or the sensitivity to criticism. Not to mention massive amount of egocentrism and their parasitic lifestyle choices by living with mommy and daddy well past due, while being bums. To be fair, on that last one, I would reckon for some, they couldn’t get jobs out of college because Baby Boomers are also, sociopaths and in typical sociopath tendencies, they couldn’t be bothered to help people like them.

     There is not much we can do, to be honest. I mean, they’re already here. Thankfully they’re choosing to not breed, which is helpful, but the damage might already be done. I mention this, because this is one person’s experience and I’m smart enough to know better than to think this is somehow cause by growing up in the 90’s and 00’s is not only irrational thinking but also skirting boomer responsibility for their children. It’s like blaming the moon, but when you’re unable to take personal responsibility for yourself, like the typical Baby Boomers, you start to look for any reason to explain these behaviors, especially because sociopathy in such massive frequency has never happened prior to the boomers and the only ones that exhibit these behaviors are their children.

     Clearly not everyone labeled Millennial is a sociopath, obviously, there are a plethora of them out there, but I think these behaviors in what we would consider the “text book” Millennial is really excessive amounts of sociopaths being allowed to destroy the world with their insanity. We should look to be changing the term Millennial by seeing these behaviors for what they are and only register those of us whom do not exhibit these behaviors as Millennial. Only then would be get to the reality of the real Millennial instead of having projection thrown on an entire group of sociopaths by sociopaths. It is the only way to truly find out the truth of how millennial’s, not sociopaths, truly work. Conversely and better yet, maybe we could just cut the fictional cohort shit out, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

The Sick Sad Truth of YouTube Exposed!

I’ve never hid my hatred for YouTube and their “Celebrities” from anyone. I’ve been a proud hater since day one, back in 2005. Remember Star Wars Kid and the Euro-pop singer guys? This is how I would discover this horrible site known as, a place for the mindless masses that makes TV seem posh by comparison. The fact remains, it was mostly begin, minus a few douchebags that bullied poor Star Wars Kid.

I honestly saw nothing in this site but it being a hosting site. A rare mistake, but one I am willing to own up to. One of the other horrible mistakes was saying “Illegal Downloading” would never take off, because what asshole has time to wait 8-12 hours for a download? You could drive to the theater in the amount of time it took to download, not to mention $5 bucks for a matinee was cheaper than having internet access to begin with, so you would save money too! “Never underestimate the power of stupid people, especially in large groups” George Carlin once said and he was right, as per the usual. This is what Youtube is, a majority of idiots, all fighting each other for attention and attempting to tear down one another for one reason. It reminds me of the Monday Night Wars between WWF and WCW during the 90’s, except not interesting nor profitable for anyone. The behavior they engage in is downright legally libel and slanderous! The only thing preventing lawsuits is a level of hubris that even a legit celebrity could never muster, I mean Chevy Chase level arrogance times 9000, because they see themselves as celebrity, yet almost all of them could travel anywhere and barley be noticed by a single person. The only one that could be deemed a “legit celebrity” and it is only due to being The Rock level of noticeable outside of YouTube is Pewdiepie.

I know a lot of people will not agree with me, but YouTube is pretty fucking toxic on both sides of the aisle, I mean, short of the Monday Night Wars, which I mentioned above, even television has never given birth to the level of toxic individuals. It spills out into the audience as well. I can’t remember the amount of times I’ve been shit on for non-trolling comments by insecure YouTubers, just for trying to relax and enjoy myself with a beer. I can’t recall a single television show ever telling me to not watch their show, because, presumably I’ve somehow A. Upstaged them. B. Triggered them with a benign comment. C. Insert your own opinion here.

You’re probably wondering, how did I upstage them? Well it isn’t hubris, but rather a toxic case of singer perspective on the terms of YouTuber’s, which I have noticed is massive! You see, in their mind, they’re doing something a lot of people are doing on the same site, therefore you must also be doing it. The paranoia and illogic of it all, is what is also responsible for the fighting between Antifa and the Alt-Right. When I was a kid, such singular perspectives were the hallmark of dangerous people, but you give them an outlet and it becomes normalized behavior. This is exactly how bad ideologies take hold, like Nazism for instance. I’m not calling YouTuber’s Nazi, but I am holding them culpable for their horrible, ever ending chase of the belly rub, via hot takes and other appeals to emotion, in order to get you to pay attention to their horrible video.

That isn’t even as bad as it gets, given a lot of them, delegate to their fans. I don’t know of a single real celebrity that delegates to their fans. Most celebrities don’t want to take advantage of their fans, some of which they know they have groomed since childhood to enjoy their brand, but not the average YouTuber, they do it openly and with no remorse. I don’t like playing the “think about the children” card, but this is one of the rare exceptions that I think is appropriate. Most people were worried about heavy metal when I was a child, as they worried about it when my father was a child, yet they willingly allow their children to view this horrible shit?

I find most YouTubers to be not be relatable. Maybe it was because I was a good student growing up, or, even at the expensive of being arrogant, being one of the pretty people. Regardless of if it is one of those or something else entirely, I can’t relate to the desire to have human attention. I got more than enough healthy attention growing up, so for whatever reason, I don’t nor have I ever craved attention. If I get it for the right reasons, absolutely, I’m fine with it and it doesn’t bother me. If I don’t, I am more than ok with that as well. Although I will say, getting a rise out of people, never gets old! Outside of that, I don’t understand the quest for attention. I’m fine with self-promotion, I’m fine with people chasing the bank, I can’t understand the desire for fame or attention. I like to mock these people, but as the old saying goes, you can’t parody a parody and we’re living in a world were, you can’t do that. Remember Eminem, mocking the environment? Blink 182 as well? Doing such now, just gets taken at face value. The solipsism is massive and toxic as fuck! We need a return to understanding other people’s perspective and a live and let live attitude, because the world isn’t a fun place to be in right now and I don’t see it alleviating anytime soon. One silver lining is that Baby boomers are dying off, so there will be less cunts in the world, who think their opinion always matters and cannot understand from others perspectives. Which I know seems contradictory, but it is a fact, most of them suck.

I’ve been writing since I was a child, I do it, because I cannot help myself. I know writing is as I knew it then, not the way to go if you want to make money or have fame. Most these Youtuber assholes, have not been making videos since they were child. Those of us born in the 80’s didn’t have access to it until our early 20’s. Those born in the 90’s didn’t have access to it until their teens. Gen Z has always had YouTube, yet they seem to have far fewer cunts chasing the belly rub, then 80’s and 90’ers. This trend happens differently, though. First, the early 80’s kids, sometimes referred to Gen X kids, but not actually being such, as normally pretty fuckin child. By the time you get to 84-88, the cunts seems to be massive as fuck. Which is interesting, given they’re not technically millennials, yet they choose to act like it. Those of us born between 84-87 are neither or, given their has to be gap years between generations. So if Gen X ends at 82-83, the following 3-4 year gap, much like 65,66,67 would be neither the young boomers 55-64 or Gen X 68-82/84 ish. It depends on who you ask. That said, I’m not quite sure what drives this insanity with them, but I know changes need to be made. I read Instagram will end the like system, forcing these people into actually having to have a marketable skill set to rely on, rather than toxic behavior. Time will only tell if this will help, but it would be nice to see YouTube take a real stance against the narcissism problem, as opposed to suppressing conservative views and banning gun YouTubers. Once again I defer to Scream 4 for its prescience in such bullshit insanity.

This is exactly why I will never use YouTube for anything but hosting or viewing, because I don’t need money that badly, to chase belly rubs, I don’t care for the format, the money isn’t good enough to bother with and ultimately it is all too much work for too little gain. In other words, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. I know some will peg me for implying I am “Too Good” for YouTube and to those people I say, YOU’RE DAMN FUCKIN’ RIGHT! I am too good for YouTube and so aren’t most viewers. I think the audiences deserve better out of their entertainment. You might not be able to entertain everyone all of the time, but you sure as fuck don’t need to start problems where there are none. Here is to hoping the problem starts to correct itself, before these degenerates turn this into a East Coast/West Coast rap battle and this toxic behavior spills off the screen, into the real world, resulting in innocent deaths.