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  • Ambrosia (2012)

    Your smell intoxicates my senses in ways that make me glad to have imbibed the nectar of love. You make my heart flutter like the wings of a dove. I have shunned these feelings that burn in the deepest recesses… Read More ›

  • What the fuck? (2012)

    We live in a world that’s entirely disconnected from one another. We use social networking sites ironically. We bond, through bondage. We forge our chains in life and wear them to the grave. We give thanks at Thanksgiving and celebrate… Read More ›

  • Retro Appetizer! (2008-2010)

    Here is a bunch of short blog post, in their original format, under their original pen names and everything I did in that era, which were not articles, but with more to come. John Edwards Cheats “Cats and dog’s living… Read More ›


    Starwars sucks. There, I said it. I just commited the highest blasphemy in geek history. My cpu will be sent trojans (unforuntly not condoms, cause a Starwars fan has never known a womans touch) Dorks will camp outside my house… Read More ›


    Oh, my God;Did you see that Adam Lambert just admitted he is gay? I don’t believe it. So ends another vapid exchange between two lesser beings, also known as American Idol fans(I apologize to my great friend, who happens to… Read More ›

  • Against PC Culture (2008)

    The best thing about America is that I never run out of targets for me to verbally assault with my diatribes. This retard wants people to not see Tropic Thunder because they use the word Retard too much and… Read More ›