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  • The Exorcist Book Review

    Can you imagine forced pedo-sapphic incest happening on screen today? Nope and this is why this film is still considered legendary.

  • Fashionably Late Reviews:Jason Lives, Friday the 13th part VI.

    Yeah, well he’s back, he’s the man behind the mask!

  • Fashionably Late Reviews: Hot Tub Time Machine

    Introduction Hot Tub Time Machine was a movie I wanted to review years ago, but never got a chance to because it didn’t seem to warrant a review. It wasn’t that type of movie and I don’t want to review… Read More ›

  • WWE Fan-Made Commentary

    Here is something I tried back in 2014 and only did one of, but never posted it. I decieded to give it another go. Here is Jeff Hardy Vs Undertaker 2002, in Manchester, NH. Set the above video to 12… Read More ›

  • Lagunitas 12th of Never Ale Review

    @lagunitasbeer #12thofNeverAle Critusy, piney, slightly bitter, possibly grapey like. No bad after pallet taste, watery vs full, smooth. Not bad, but nothing original here. 3.5/5 #CraftBeer #StillPerferBudwiser #Beer — Kage (@Bestinyourgirl) April 15, 2019

  • Shallow Thinking

    Shallow thinking versus deep thinking, what does it ultimately entail? Well, I did a Google search and decided that the best possible answer I could find was that shallow thinking is reflective of merely that which you can visually see… Read More ›