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Fashionably Late Movie Reviews: Solo-A Star Wars Story

INTRODUCTION: This is it! The movie that killed all future Star Wars stories. What was wrong with it exactly? Depends on the side of the fence you’re on. Some thing it was too soon past The Last Jedi and other blame the forced politics of this one. Regardless, we’re going to look at this objectively.

SYNOPSIS: Han Solo’s origin story.

CHARACTERS: All the new characters are 100% rememorable. Not a single one is worthless. All are distinctive and add a different dimension to this film.

ACTING: Not a single worthless actor. Everyone was excellent in this. Playing Han was a big challenge and boy did Alden Ehrenreich live up to it.

FX:On point and amazing!

SUBTEXT: None! Don’t listen to the idiots who hate this, it isn’t pro feminishm. This idiots, who bullshit ramblings have higher diminishing returns than this movie need to shut up and go away. All the same things that have always been Star Wars are in this movie and a droid leading a rebellion to free other droids is not subtext, it’s old hat in this series.

This movie doesn’t break from convention, but it doesn’t need too. While the story has a few inconsistencies with continuity, like Han being part of the empire for a while, which he fails to mention in any of the “Holy” trilogy, it is still fun and very much a Star Wars movie. I don’t care if any of these scenes are considered “iconic” as it was fun and given the firing of Lord and Miller during the zero hour and being able to still complete a fun film, that says a lot about the ability of these actors, filmmakers, writers and all the rest. I for one wouldn’t mind a sequel!

4 out of 5 stars

Kagemas: All the Creatures Were Stirring

INTRODUCTION: This was one for 1st Kagemas, but I guess I couldn’t have been bothered to write a review for it. Why? Well, read on.

SYNOPSIS: Couple go to movies where the play resembles stories about to be told.

ACTING: It’s acting, which is something that it indeed is.

VISUALS: Not bad. Shit movies have better budgets now a days.

TENSION: Only in the struggle to watch it.

MUSIC: it’s there. So that has to account for something, right?

FX: Better than 80’s movies, not that I hate old school FX.

DIALOGUE: People speak, so.


CONCLUSION: The very first story is the best, reminiscent of the 60’s Batman style. One would think the Joker was behind everything. This should have been turned into its own independent flick. After that, much like A Christmas Horror Story, they didn’t even try to make the stories interesting. If you’re looking for a good movie, this isn’t it. To be fair, I hate Anthologies even more than I hate Found footage flicks. Anthologies are usually lower brow than episodic TV and only just above Youtube videos. Dramas are slightly better, because they’re closer to movies in length and build. Movies are the height form of visual medium. I don’t watch many anthologies, but this isn’t a good one. Don’t waste your time.

1 ½ out of 5.

Kagemas: A Christmas Horror Story

INTRODUCTION: a Christmas horror story is a weird, kind of anthology series that is all interlinked, but not very well. It seems like it wants to be one whole story, but breaks it up into pieces that connect, as if the writer wasn’t sure how to do it. Well, it is different, that is for damn sure.



ACTING: It has Bill Shatner and everything is ok, nothing too horrible.

DIALOGUE: Not bad.


FX: OBVIOUS CGI IS OBVIOUS. Krampus is on point, though.



CONCLUSION: I know this is different from my normal reviews in that it seems like I am not even trying and to be fair, you’re right and that is how you should feel, because that is how this film seemed. Oh it isn’t that bad, sure and you could possibly enjoy it, but it isn’t re-watchable and it isn’t overly enjoyable. It has it’s moments, but you’ll sympathize with Shatners character of wanting to get it over with as soon as possible or being drunk to get through it.

2 out 5

Another Evil: Movie Review

INTRODUCTION: This looked like a quirky, fun flick. It is billed as a horror comedy, but that is misleading, it is more horror with humor than a horror comedy. In my mind, the difference between horror comedy and horror with humor, is that a heavy part of the movie is humor driven if it is a horror comedy. This is such filled with some, dry, but still funny humor.

CHARACTERS: Pretty interesting. The family could be better developed, but the two main characters are pretty good. I found myself giving a shit, even with the less developed characters.

ACTING: Good, but still kind of weak. It’s not the “oh, I’ll hire my friends type of movie” but its more that “oh, I’ve done a few indie flicks, but need to hone my craft a bit still” type.


MUSIC: Very effective and works.


SUBTEXT: Appearances can be deceiving. Mental illness in our country and the plight of our neighbors which can spill into our own lives. Millennial’s inability to connect with people correctly. Take your pick!

CONCLUSION: It’s flawed, but it is quite the gem and really worth giving it a good. I enjoyed the flick the whole way though and don’t think it lagged behind anywhere. It is really worthwhile!

4 out of 5 stars.

DeadTectives from Shudder, Review

INTRODUCTION: Deadtective’s is a great horror comedy in the vain of Ghostbusters. It isn’t a very unique premise, but it is still an interesting flick.

SYNOPSIS: Ghost hunters, whose show is usually faked, get sent to Mexico for one last attempt at a rating boosting show or risk being canceled. Unfortunately, this place is actually haunted.

CHARACTERS: No a lot of depth, but unique and different that we can enjoy them for who they are.

ACTING: Fantastic, from all of them. Some off moments, but not many.

DIALOGUE: Very good!

VISUALS: Surprisingly, very good!

MUSIC: Not bad, but nothing spectacular.

TENSION: Strong enough, but not enough to get you there.


CONCLUSION: This is another win for Shudder with their exclusives. I really like Shudder and what they offer and the movies they’re doing are different, but familiar at the same time and quite a few of them are a win. It’s a lot better than your straight to DVD fare from back in the day. This is funny, scary in some parts and a good way to kill an afternoon. Recommended.

3 1/2 out of 5

Fashionably Late Movie Reviews: Overlord.

INTRODUCTION: Overlord, was a movie I wanted to see back in 2018, but opted to wait. I’m not sad that I waited, but at the same time, this would have been wicked to have seen. It’s one of the better WW2 flicks in a good long while and I think you’ll enjoy this one. It isn’t as good as Dead Snow and it isn’t about zombies, like the trailer made it out to be, but it is still the best WW2 movie I have seen since Saving Private Ryan.

SYNOPSIS: The day before D-Day and a group of soldiers are sent into Normandy with the task of disrupting a transmissions tower in order for ground troops to successfully make it to the beach.

CHARACTERS: Not bad! You don’t really feel bad for them, but each one is likable enough that they’re not overtly shallow. The “villain” is definitely weak as fuck. He is a want be Hans Lambda from Inglorious Bastards, but with none of the charm or anything remotely likable, making him just a cliché. Each one is unique enough that they’re memorable and you can tell them apart, but you aren’t going to see any iconic characters come out of this movie.

ACTING: All the actors did very well. None of them are going to win an award for this, but it was very good.

STYLE: Fantastic! I loved the visuals and the FX would pretty damn good!

MUSIC: Nothing iconic, but works with the flick.

HISTORICAL ACCURACY: Mostly true to the time period and very well done.

TENSION: Is there and you can feel it in spades. It’s a slow burn, but not that slow of a burn. Really well balanced.

SUBTEXT: None, except for the overt, don’t play God, but, whatever.

CONCLUSION: This is one fine movie. I don’t think it is one I would watch over and over again, but it was fun at least once. I could see myself watching it at least one more time, though. The acting is one point, the visuals are good, the tension is there, the characters aren’t bad and the acting is very good. It has a few errors and I wasn’t too fond of the censoring of the Nazi logo in exchange for a different logo entirely. I understand some people don’t want to accidentally up-sell Nazi Germany, but I don’t think censoring history is the way to go. Other than that and a couple of other small gripes, it was Sher Gut!

4 out of 5.