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Heffalumps and Woozles: A Review of Stephen King’s book, IT

     32 years ago, a book was released by a pretty well-known writer. The book was called IT and the author is Stephen King. Maybe you heard of him? Stephen King is the guy who wrote fantastic books like Carrie, Salem’s Lot, The Shinning and The Stand. When it comes to his early professional works, 1974-1980, King really knew what he was doing. He developed great characters, top tier concepts, vivid but accessible prose and took on subjects like an author of Literature.

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The Shining:Book Review

     I grew up loving the horror genre. I saw all the classic films growing up from each decade and imbibed on the words of many a classic horror novel as well. To say I love horror would be a severe understatement. I had toy caskets in my room and one pewter casket in my room from a trip to Nashua, New Hampshire and a stop at Headlines. I love mask, having gone as multiple horror characters over the years. I’ve been Freddy Kruger twice, I’ve been Ghostface from Scream, I had he haunted mask from Goosebumps, which was also my two favorite of the series.

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